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Surviving Chinese New Year

Not too bad so far… the Mother called a few days back, saying they’re having maid problems (had to let maid go because she was too slow–previous maid was too quick to answer back) No–didn’t want solutions, but the gist was no pressure to return for Chinese New Year…

Admittedly had not been intending to go see the Family, but usually I make some attempt at an excuse (eg hospital/overseas trip) as this made it unnecessary & we’re trying to build up home practice as opposed to going to the studio daily this worked out very nicely–staying home instead of checking into a hotel to hide out & went to Aunty L’s for dinner last night.

Was very late–expected the parents to be there–but they weren’t so it was actually quite a fun evening. She had set up a steamboat feast & the guys were so sweet–J dished up a bowl of meats & stuff & tried to pass it over but Beaver took it & said “We’re going easy on meats–had too much of it at lunch–can we have some veg in the soup please?” with his usual charm & Cuz R started hefting greens into the pot while calling for mushrooms–which Philippo joined in, while talking about organic raw food vegans & fruitarians (he went on a cycling tour with one) so I had a pretty good meal after all!

Just don’t think about what was in the stock. CNY & goodwill & all that…

& it was really great catching up with them–we were talking about bikes (last chance to get a class 2 license–Phip will have one by March, R has got his 1200cc) & Terry Wogan & allergies surfacing (we’ve got so many allergies in common that our parents seem to have escaped–proof we are related but something here skipped a generation?) & retirement… those with kids are scrapping earlier plans to retire at 50…

& The Beaver was chauffed that everyone recognized his new shirt as best quality Thai silk… not quite sure how to take being told (not me–it was P) it was something KK Seet would wear! But he did look very suave in it.

Aside from that I’ve been playing Prolific. Shameful, I know… I’m neglecting my Facebook pengu-penguin, but petting & cuddling a pixel pet takes second place to word play.

And now I’m not losing Every game I play… just maybe 7 out of 8 games…

Went to see sweet Uncle Roland this morning & CNY duties are now OVER.

And I signed up for the Short Story Reading Challenge. I do want to go back to reading more short stories… 10 stories by 10 different writers in a year sounds so little, right? But last year, apart from my volume of Grace Paley & volume of Haruki Murakami (& that’s only 2 writers) & maybe 2 stories each by Joyce Carol Oates & John Cheever I haven’t tried any ‘new ground’ at all!

(Hey–Unless online magazines count–then thanks to ReadTheseLips… yes, I did cover at least 10 new writers!!!)


3 Responses

  1. Oh yes, fluff(friends) too. I adopted a tofu named *tah dah* …. AUGUSTUS! Yes, somehow a tofu deserves to be named after a Roman Caesar.

    Now Augustus has six mini tofu followers and has started a cult.

    I am a little embarrassed at how much time I am spending on facebook. Somebody help me…

    Oh, and thanks for the honest comment on my blog (about Missy). No worries on any bad feelings. None taken at all. I appreciate honesty that means well – because it’s so hard to find it these days.

  2. I know I know those dragons… I loved my Zazar–got her claw tips & defense scales… but attacks took so long… then discovered fluff pets & got Rafael who likes cuddles & playing belly bump (!) and who I can get pizza & accessories for!

    facebook is fun cos I get to play with all these non-humans!!!

  3. Good luck with the Short Story Challenge. I suddenly feel all burned out from short stories – and it’s only February.

    Personally I am addicted to my facebook pet dragon. I’m still trying to accumulate 500,000 gold. Not that it really matters, but I like the idea of throwing my dragon out for combat and stealing gold.

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