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Prolific No More

Just discovered Prolific on Facebook & have been distinguishing myself by losing almost every game I’ve played… & I’ve played many many many games since last night… even missed bedtime so you see how serious this is… like my first fall into Scrabulous addiction…

Questions like: Am I really so retarded? Do these words really exist? How could I have missed a word as simple as ‘U-T-S‘ start spinning around in my head after awhile… But I should pull myself out of this.

I think it’s addictive in the same way as playing fruit machines is: you win some but not all, so you keep feeling that once you crack the code the ‘next’ one will work for you. Yes, there’s a lot more skill (& I suspect memorizing 3- 4- & 5- letter words accepted by the standard online dictionary would help!) involved here but the sometimes a good grid, sometimes a tougher one has that unpredictability that lures you back.

And there’s the instant gratification of seeing your score up as soon as your game is done–the same kick you get from writing short poems rather than a novel or full length play–you get that piece to type in after a day’s work or a week’s work instead of after six to nine months! And yes, the adrenalin rush is tremendous fun.

Between the two I think I’ll stick with Scrabulous though. So… maybe just over Chinese New Year & again over Christmas break I’ll let myself play with Prolific again???

Because if it’s here every day I just don’t have the will power to break away & do any real writing.

Moon day today… it’s marked on most Western calendars as Thursday 7 Feb, but if you cover (as Ashtangis do) the 24 hours before, that means we’re off from 11 am today till 11am tomorrow, so I’ll probably just do a Yin practice later.


6 Responses

  1. Hi Jo–yes, full moon=feelings of yang energy, for many people= dynamic/aggressive/energetic/ starting new businesses…

    But the 7th Feb Moon Day is a New Moon, which is Yin=quieter/introspective/if starting new ventures you would be looking inside for what you want to achieve rather than looking outside to make contacts…

    Again, all these are how you would feel if you’re more sensitive–& you can always override them if you have to, just be aware & be careful–like I was told full moon days= more car accidents because people tend to be more aggressive on the roads!

  2. Sorry i am talking abt full moon day. I just realise u said feb 7 is a moon day. 7 feb is first day of lunar calender it cant be a full moon day. Oh so a moon day is a no moon day ya?

  3. Yes this is the jo u know! I can give u more bottle cap if i happen to drink it agn. Hehe. Thanks for the explanation. It sounds so chim. I only know that usually on full moon day, us dollars rallies. So on full moon i avoid keeping short usd position. July 18 huh, i will put a note on my calendar and make sure i buy some usd dollar that day.

  4. Hi Jenny, are you one of those who’ve been trashing me miserably at Prolific?
    Apparently Hasbro is ‘happy’ now–at least that’s what I read in the newspaper article that led me to Prolific in the first place. But I think I’ve lost every single game I’ve played since I found this app!!!!!

    Hi Jo! (I think you’re the Jo-I-know right? If you are, thanks for the Cedele intro & info bottle cap… I went back to get salads & they were fantastic! Uhm–if you’re not, never mind…)

    ‘Moon Days’ are traditionally no practice days for Ashtanga yoga. They’re determined by our moon’s relative position to the sun–full moon is when they are in opposition, new moon is when they are in conjunction.

    Because we humans are 70% water, we are influenced by the same gravitational effects these positions have on the tides etc.

    Nothing too striking, but at full moon people tend to be more headstrong & aggressive; at new moon more calm & grounded–but less inclined to practice.

    Not everyone observes Moon Days because with studio & class schedules, if that’s your only day to practice, you practice–but if you feel more low energy or tidak apa today into tomorrow, just go easy on yourself.

    I noticed my feelings fluctuate even before I started keeping Moon Days practice free–it doesn’t mean ‘no practice’ of course…

    eg This year July 18 is a Moon Day but also Sri K Pattabhi Jois’ 93rd birthday & I’m betting someone somewhere is going to suggest doing 93 sun salutations on that day for him… Moon Day or not!

    Hope that answers your question some?

  5. Can u elaborate on the moon day thingy ? i wanna know more !

  6. You had me worried for a second that prolific was gone! It was bogglific before, and had to go away b/c it was too close to boggle. Then, the bogglific developer brought it back as prolific, with a few tweaks to make it hopefully different enough to not have Hasbro come after it again.

    I didn’t want to go through withdrawal again. 🙂

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