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Back To The Dogs

First Monday back at dogwalking after my holiday break. Today I got to take Mitchell & Silver out & then stayed on to play with the two puppies as they got some romping, racing around time in the compound.

Mitchell (beagle) very earnestly walked up to every tree & post to sniff & raise a leg even after his bladder was empty but Silver (Corgi mix) was more interested in snuffling out snails/plastic bags/other dogs & didn’t want to walk beyond the school compound.

The puppies were totally adorable–they just wanted to run & stretch because they could; just being out of their cages & with a companion willing to race & contest ownership of stick or fake fight (jumping & rolling on each other but without biting, tails wagging all the way) sends them into ecstasy. We could see them exploring the limits of what they could & could not do–at this stage it’s still a matter of physical ability rather than permission. They are both very smart dogs & are already learning to ‘sit’ to get treats.

When tired they find someone’s legs to sit under (most of us stayed back after dogwalking to watch them) or slip into an open cage for a drink… but once the playmate passes by, this ‘rest’ becomes an ‘ambush’.

While hoping they find a home as soon as possible, it’s also sad to think of someone taking just one of them home. One of these puppies came with a brother who’s been adopted. A single puppy with no companion to work out his or her energy on will be more easily classified as difficult, mischievous, even destructive–& end up being surrendered for adoption again!

But some dogs do adapt–given enough support & direction–to being ‘only dogs’ in families.

It’s not just dogs that do better with company, though–

Yesterday in FCC, Peter Goh talked about desire & contentment & how sometimes desire is not necessarily a bad thing… in the Christian context we tend to jump on the tiniest spark of desire & try to squash it into submissive & grateful contentment. But he said that some desires–his example was our desire for a partner or companion–may be a good thing. Only we should be clear about what it is we are desiring or looking for.

Then, listening to a Richard Freeman podcast this morning while driving to SPCA (almost) the same question surfaced when he said we may all say we’re looking for love, but when you go make a missing person’s report & they ask you ‘what does this love you are looking for look like’ how are you going to describe it? You can’t whip out a photograph. How will you recognise if it comes along?

I don’t know… but at least we should be able to recognise what it is not!

Didn’t do much writing after coming home physically tired. But I’m pleased, because I worked out some plot links on paper, worked on chapt 1, & even though I don’t usually practice on Mondays (dogwalking brings plenty of cardio!) today I got on the mat first thing & did 5 Surya A’s & 3 B’s. And felt that the morning started that much better–that’s thanks to the good influence of WoYoPracMo… now over but its lessons remain! Had toasted seed loaf for breakfast & that got me through helping with donation acknowledgment mailers (Mr Dev is on a trip to Canada so I joined some other ’emergency’ volunteers); had polenta & bananas for lunch…

…but the big meal experiment of the day I’ve been looking forward to–my 7 organic bean experiment… I’ve been stewing them in the crockpot all day (bless the Japanese for producing these tiny crockpots–just right for 1 or 2 servings!) & tossed in salt, onions, garlic, ginger… curry powder beaten up with water, 3 cubes of frozen coconut milk, carrots, sweet corn… I don’t know whether it’s going to be totally delicious or an absolute disaster! If it works it’s going on top of some noodles… if not–in the bin & I’ve got peanut butter on wasa crisp to fall back on!


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