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Don’t fight what’s been given to you. Open your mind and your heart and your path will become clear…’

no, not some deep teacher… this is Surok, the leader of the Syrannites speaking… after his katra has been put into Jonathan Archer.

(yes, I’ve been watching Star Trek Enterprise)

But coming after a Richard Freeman lecture describing, among other things, the nada upasana, meditation upon the sound in your environment, this made sense. It is only when you no longer listen to & decipher the individual threads/voices and receive the whole that you can hear the nada.

Went for a meeting with Hui Yee, Jolovan & Felicia at Spinelli’s at Amara… except we had to transfer to Burger King when it closed at 4pm. (Do cafes really close at 4pm on Saturdays?) Probably have until after July for prep.

I said I would help with any writing & prep but not deal with meetings & people & not do core planning–it was very tempting & would have been too easy to say yes to more at this point but also stupidly wrong for obvious reasons.

Then back home–only a few minutes late–to talk to Ryan & Richard about selling/renting/property prices/etc etc etc or rather listen & nod while thinking about my dinner salads in the fridge…

…which were delicious.

It’s been a long long day, starting with home practice–modified primary series (it’s Saturday!) with some poses held Yin style and then going out to brunch & buy towels for the home shala…

Hui Yee said she’s been shopping to get new stuff–at least one new shirt–for Chinese New Year. It suddenly struck me that most people do that instead of just making plans to hideaway & that’s why Vivocity was so crowded earlier.


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