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Post Office Fight

Just got into a fight outside the post office…

I went up the road to mail a card–(Bendy, Sparky you know what this is all about…)–and in the compound just outside our little neighbourhood PO there was a dispatch bike down on the driveway & an SUV in front of it. Rider was dazed & defensive & Driver Lady was going on & on in strong thick drawl a line that went something like
I don’t think it’s damaged–it’s just a little bump–look the light may be smashed but you can get a new light can’t you? You can ride without a light–as long as you can still ride the thing, what’s the big deal? Anyway I’m in a big hurry–can’t you just push it out of the way so I can get out?

Rider goes,

I’m working. I need the bike. Cannot ride like that. The front is pressing the tire,

Meaning the front portion of his bike had been crushed by the back of her vehicle.

What happened? I asked a chap in his car. Woman came out talking on mobile, backed without looking, rammed into the parked bike, he said.

Then started yelling at the rider when he came out to see what happened.

Incidentally those were bike parking lots they were on…

Driver Lady, “I don’t see why you can’t ride it–Why make such a big fuss? If you want money from me it’s not going to work. I don’t have any money. Anyway I have to get my car fixed… look at it… it’s all scratched!” And it was. She must have whacked his bike pretty hard. “I’m going to have to get my car fixed, where am I going to get the money for that, huh? Are you going to give me money for that?” fingered her car,

lucky it’s just the bumper this time…

That was at a lower volume but she upped it again with “How much money do you want? Tell me? How much? Just say how much?”

Rider, “I got to ask the mechanic.

She, “Well, I don’t have time for that! I’m very busy! I have to go pick up my daughter! You’ll just have to get it from your insurance! Don’t you have insurance!”

I may drive now, but I still think/feel like a biker. “Go to YiYang,” I told the rider. “You know YiYang?” He nodded, brightening.(We were on Pasir Panjang Road, so YiYang Motors was less than 5 minutes away. Anyway, everybody knows YiYang.) “Ah Guan will be there. Ask him to give you estimate first. Then if you ask him to fix can bill direct to her and you ask for working time compensation,

Well I don’t have time for that,” said SUV Lady in her bad local English delivered in loud American twang “Get it from your insurance. I have to go. I don’t have time,

Which is when I misbehaved. I stood behind her car, blocking her exit & told Rider Guy, “Go & get your bike assessed. If she won’t go with you I will stand in front of her car until you come back,”

Another man, carrying a helmet, came out of the post office and said, “I stand, you don’t stand,” and planted himself beside me.

Okay, where is this mechanic,” the loud lady demanded.

She followed him off in her car. I got her license number–in case–and the PO admin came out to say she knew him because he had just delivered something & she would pass the number to his supervisor & make sure he gets it.

Poor boy. The problem is, every day your bike is in the shop is a no work day, and your job may not be waiting when you get back. Yes, you can ‘claim insurance’ but how long will that take? And surely it should come out of her insurance & not his? Because it’s going to cost him his no claims bonus & send premiums zooming up.


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