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Musical Decisions…

I thought I had my 2008 writing plans pretty well laid out–& made quite a good start with January (3 stories & a proposal letter sent out)… I was going to work ‘seriously’ on the edit/rewrite of the mystery novel while laying down the first draft of the novella & ‘playing’ at writing ‘Burning Memories Of Mama On Mount Faber’ which will probably turn out to be a 1-act, 2 hander, multiple role play…

In other words, enough to keep me occupied but not overstretched.

But now:

  • I’ve been asked to help with a commemorative book–okay, this won’t take so much time & I’ll probably do it. (alumni responsibilities are like family obligations!)
  • I’ve been asked to help with a musical — haven’t discussed it yet but that probably means book & lyrics… Musicals are Not my favourite life form, but I would be working with some of my favourite people, does that make a difference? I’m not committed yet. I don’t know. I don’t need the $, I’m okay for about 18 months more, living as I do–can afford one more yoga retreat (New Zealand?)–but I don’t want to turn into a complete isolate who can’t remember how to make conversation with human beings…

I just got this from HipTranquilChick’s website… (see link on my blogroll if you want to reach her!) & tried to use it to figure out what I really want…

1. “own” your motivation–uh, ok

2. focus on what you really want–a year of focused writing… without too many distractions but also without burnout; in other words I want to pace myself.

3. name the issue and describe the situation–whether or not to take on the commercial writing. I like them. I would like to ‘keep my hand in’ and meet young people working at stuff I was interested in at their age. But then again I don’t want to take too much time off my own writing.

4. share feelings, consequences, and needs–maybe this isn’t the right time. I’m really really excited about my own writing right now and I can feel the energy is good, the material is all here already & ready to be worked over, my direction is clear (at least to me) & I just need solid, focused, ploughing in time to dig through it & write & shred & write & discard & write & tear up & write & write & write… & anything that comes between me & the computer or writing pad or drawing block right now is going to get resented by me sooner or later

5. inquire into the other’s views and experiences–I haven’t really talked to either of the guys yet–they’re both busy right now. I know I should… & soon, before anyone gets too committed… after tomorrow night, once the arts fest is over…

6. brainstorm possible solutions and commit to actions–I think… I think from what I’ve worked out above, I don’t want to take on writing a musical right now. But maybe I can help out some other way–like setting up a writing team… but we’ll talk after friday…

Hey, thanks, HipTranquilChick!!!

This came from her site too: Something I want to look through & think about some more & in greater detail. I suspect my automatic response is to be a ‘victim’ as though I have no choice in the situations I find myself in (& already I feel justifications rising inside me–why shouldn’t I see myself as a victim?) but I want to start to respond to the universe in my environment as part of the universe. Well, step by step…

there is a lot of focus on personal responsibility (duh! tres important) and being a player rather than a victim. for example, a victim responds to:
1. what happened to you?
2. who wronged you?
3. how did they hurt you?
4. what should they do to make it right?
5. what are the consequences to you if they don’t change?

a player responds to:
1. what challenge did you face?
2. how did you choose to respond?
3. what are the consequences of your actions?
4. could you have done something more productive?
5. what can you learn?

    • 4 Responses

      1. casting problems? that’s what makes us turn to anime-anime-anime!!!

        I grew up watching Julie Andrews too–& totally fell in love her & her four pure octaves… but that’s another story!

      2. hahha! I LURVE MUSICALS! llluurrrvvveeee…. yes. I grew up watching julie andrews and then fell in love with Fred Astaire : )

        Even attempted making a musical at the end of film school – problem was with the casting… NOBODY could act, sing and dance at the same time.

      3. Hi Mahita–thank you & thanks for visiting! see you back on the mat!

      4. Hi Ovidia,

        I am glad I found your blog! I Very nice and informative! Best of luck on your projects.

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