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And Back In Routine…

… much as I enjoy a break, I realise there are so many things I take for granted about home–till I miss them.

Did an almost full home practice today, didn’t push it (did garba pindasana without putting arms through, tried 3 times to ‘close’ in ubhaya padangusthasana & sort of managed on the 3rd go…) but it was a good practice. After savasana suddenly felt extrememly happy & extremely hungry–ate a banana & a nut bar before wiping down the mat!

I’ve got 4 new books to read too–will be rushing through evening chores to get to bed early tonight… one Jessica Parker on macrobiotic living, one on monastic balance… & 2 Dorathy L Sayers…

Took a break from writing (started 2nd edit/rewrite for mystery novel–also started rough draft of ‘literary’ novel) & went to buy fish for the cats & stuff for dinner. One mobile phone aid I’d really find useful (was reading about all the new stuff they’re coming out with now)is one that lets me key in ingredients, number of servings & gives me recipe suggestions (so I know what else I should look at) & quantities needed…

Tonight’s dinner: shitake rice & stir-fry veg; baby bok choy (leftover from my baby turtles…), carrot, asparagus, baby corn sauteed in onion/garlic/ginger & doused in my special miso-nut-mushroom-mirin sauce. The rice is already cooking & everything else has been chopped up, waiting for shut down time at 7pm. Yes, I’ve missed being in my own kitchen so much.

Even though it’s nice being pampered at a guest house or hotel, I felt very out of touch when the first contact I had with anything I ate was on a menu. The thanksgiving routine/ritual that’s part of home food preparation is missing.

Just a couple of days back and already I’m feeling so much ‘better’, though I didn’t realise I was feeling low in Chiang Mai. I woke this morning at 5.30 am before the water heater went on and lay there smiling & thinking, I’m going to practice today. I’m going to write today. I’m feeling good. This is what happiness feels like.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Jo–hope your nice things come to you real soon! *sends Jo big hug*

  2. Good to know u r happy. I havent felt happy for quite some time now. I am waiting for some nice things to happen to make me happy haha.

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