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Scattered morning practice

(If you clicked over from my yoga blog, don’t bother reading this–I did a copy & paste…)

Was feeling distracted–going to Thailand on Tuesday, email this morning can you send a story, around 2000 words, before end of Jan? Normally I’d be thrilled but … going to Thailand on Tuesday…

That was what was in my head when I got on my magic manduka (a bit late) this morning. Yes, I logged on to check my mail first–no, it’s not a good idea if you want to focus on practice.

But yes… I got through the Primary Series just telling myself ‘just get on the mat–you only have to do sun salutations…’


‘now you’re here you might as well start the standing sequence… you don’t have to do it all…’


‘come on, you like the seated sequence… just do the forward bends… just up to marichiasana… just practice bujapidasana, you can take your time… & even if you can’t bind&hook, just get into position for supta k…

and I quite enjoy the backbends, shoulder stand & closing so… I actually did the whole thing.

No, it was far far far from a perfect practice. There were things coming into & being kicked out of my head the whole time (should i cancel the trip? that’s just for fun, this is ‘work’… should i get a flu shot? should i offer to carry cheap hiv drugs back for the aids centre? but who do i ask what’s needed & what if i get stopped for carrying drugs? should i cancel the trip? i would really like to get another story in & i have an idea I know i can write up… shouldn’t i be writing instead of traveling/practicing?)

But any practice is good practice & by the time I reached savasana I was calm & knew what I’m going to do–

I do need a break. I had 3 shows over Christmas, the last piece I sent in was finished yesterday & though I enjoy reading & commenting on students’ work it can be draining.

Today I’ll pack & do any last minute shopping (meds etc) before the weekend people hit the malls. And I’ll also type in & print out an outline of the story…

…which I’ll put my best effort into writing over Sat, Sun, Mon and send in on Monday evening in whatever shape it’s in by then… applying total commitment to effort, non-attachment to results…

…and go on a week’s break starting Tuesday!

(Don’t worry, Yogamum, I’m bringing my mat with me–and I’ve found a mysore studio in Chiangmai or I’ll just do self-practice!)


2 Responses

  1. heheheheheeee….

    yes yes yes!!! you promised!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. and poor me have to do yoga in Thailand as well. . . . .

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