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Submitted the Blue Hibiscus…

… Story to ReadTheseLips!

Something wrong with my skills/priorities, given that trying to find them a photo (well, finding a photo that hasn’t already been used somewhere else) was tougher than writing the story? But when you consider I only get photographed when someone needs a pic–makes sense, right?

And I realise from going through photos on my comp it looks like I only own one shirt.

That’s not true.

I have more than one shirt. It’s just that my shirts kind of all look the same.

And yes, I do tend to wear the ones that look alike alot…

But I have sent in my story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I only have to download & read & correct 1) students’ creative pieces 2) students’ commemorative book interview write-ups

My eyes hurt…

Did Ashtanga home practice today on my ‘good’ manduka mat.

You know, the nice, still almost new (sticky, heavy but not too sticky, not too heavy) mat that I’ve been saving only for those very very special occasions–

… like when John Scott comes to town to do a workshop (because yes, of course it’s going to make a difference to him what kind of mat I’m on)

… or like when you’re looking for a really good mat to put in the coffin with me before you shove the box into the crematorium… because that would do. It looks so good & is still so practically new…

Yes, I’m used to & fond of my pink daily practice mat. But today I ‘treated’ myself to my special mat and it felt great.

And I think I want it to be like that from now on, if I can. Every practice (even short ones? Yes. Even Yin? maybe… I’ll think about that) should feel like a special mat practice. Because why am I really saving up the mat’s ‘newness’?

I would rather put in the practice time & be feeling new & wonderful inside my body instead of having a new & wonderful mat!

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