Yoga Fuck Up. But I got into Prestige Lifestyle…

I got to mysore. Back to class after some time off actually felt really really good at first. I brought a lot of my new ‘yin’ awareness to class with me–don’t rush, hold if you need to (though I felt less need to, somehow) & remembered Paul G saying that advanced yogi’s are not doing it for the aesthetics of the form any more… each day when they go through the most basic asanas (or asanas that by then will seem basic even to us) they are merely unraveling the tangles that physical bodies will knot & tense themselves into.

What I’m saying is–I was ‘into’ my practice & it felt good.

But then, when I was just at my mari A, we got an announcement.
An Announcement. All those of us with memberships expiring soon could get a special deal if we renewed for 2 years by Today. All we had to do was see A**** after class.

Have I mentioned this was a mysore practice? Yes?

I don’t think it was something pushed by the yoga school because in that case it would have been ‘See any consultant’ or ‘grab a form’ after class. Not ‘See A****’ as though she’s the only one of the dozen or so consultants selling membership packages who can give us this special deal???

Let me mention that A**** is the ‘consultant’ I encountered who told me that my previous membership was expiring 6 months before it actually did? I had paper records that said otherwise but she said it wasn’t on her computer system it didn’t count. It turned out I was right (they had my info but had not entered it into their computer system) but she didn’t apologise, just said I was lucky it came up now (this was back in Dec) because I was in time to catch a special deal that I could only get if I renewed Immediately… she also told me it was her first day at work, so to please please help her by signing a contract… (later I learned this was a lie. It was not a lie, she said. ‘Just a joke’ more giggles because Richard-the-manager would know it’s not her first day…)

She was quite proud of herself for not knowing much about yoga when she tried to sell me that ‘expiring immediately’ package last year. She kept giggling about how of course it didn’t matter because Richard-the-manager spends more time in the gym working out than doing yoga but come to think about it, she also giggled about how he eats bananas for breakfast, lunch & dinner… actually she was a lot more interested in talking about Richard-the-manager than about my file & my renewal which she just wanted to get me to sign quickly and get lots of other people to sign too…

Which is probably what led to today’s interruption.

I’m thinking that much as I love Teacher it’s time to think about finding a new practice space. Pure Yoga admin is just putting too much bad stuff in the atmosphere for me.

On the brighter ego-lift side, Jonathan mentioned on Sunday he saw me in a magazine in Kino but couldn’t remember which one.

I said ‘Prestige?’

Because some time ago I remember there was an interview, but he didn’t think so.

After feeling rotten through breakfast (I left class after that public discount announcement because I was feeling murderous rage rather than peaceful focus. Anyway after that everyone was talking, like even if you have your own sign-on consultant, do you have to see A**** instead if you want to get this special deal?) I went to Kino to see.

But where to start? They have a few hundred magazines there… Think, think–What would Jonathan have been flipping through?

But one of the guys on duty at Kino–bless his sweet soul–said

You are in the magazine, quite a big picture–see?”and showed me–

Yes, it was Prestige Lifestyle, so I didn’t have to stand there going

Do you mind unwrapping this for me to flip through though I don’t look like the sort to ever buy a lifestyle magazine–and this one too… and this one, and this–

I don’t look too bad (!!!)

And yes, I bought it!

And SooMei is coming round later, she said, to drop something off. I was still Evil Mooding when she called so she’s leaving it in the mailbox or at the university…


2 Responses

  1. thanks VERY MUCh spidermonkey!
    I’m going to check out Ashtanga Yoga Singapore for sure…

    Think I’ve analysed & dealt with the frustration now… Pure Yoga is too posh tai tai for me. I thought as long as I stuck to early mysore & didn’t hang out with ladies trying to share diet schemes (‘Come on–Everybody knows All ladies Lurve to lose weight!) or sell mlm skincare I would be ok.

    And I Have learned so much from Celeste.

    But as long as I’m there I find myself faking the posh tai tai stance… & Richard Freeman says (1st podcast on practice obstacles) that pretending is the first step. We learn to meditate by pretending to meditate… we sit still… the mind follows the breath… so even though it was a good place for me to be in for a while, it is not a good place to stay.

    But I’ll use up my remaining 6 months… that I had so much difficulty convincing them I Really Had!

    Thanks for the link!

  2. hahha! yup… that sound typical of Pure Yoga office administration alright… : )

    Well, let go of the frustration… take the chance to explore other places – shop around for mysore environments.

    I’ve been going to Ashtanga Yoga Singapore (AYS) on Mosque Street and I love it there. Great people and great ambiance, very low-key and relaxed with serious yoga lovers.

    Here’s their website: (

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