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Great Tiring Day

Dog day & it was great as always–sweaty, tiring but great. Gave MuiH a ride to Vivo after (had to get fish for the cats) & learned that Boy & Handsome’s previous owner drove by once when she had them out & said ‘those are my dogs’ & asked whether he could come by SPCA to visit them some weekend… MuiH was nice & just gave him the opening hours…

Lucky she met him & not me. Would have destroyed dogwalkers’ reputation by kicking him/his car/his balls–

B & H are sweet, good natured, well disciplined dogs. They are so well behaved that they ‘can’t’ shit in their cages but save it all up for their walks so you can scoop three, four, five bags of poop by the time you’re done… & if they get taken out late you can see the distress they’re in… but it’s not just them. Every one of the animals there (well, by the time we get to see them the old/sick/abused have been sieved out–I don’t envy the job the reg guys have to do!) has his or her own appeal.

When they first arrive they can’t understand What they’re doing in a cage–well, I would have problems understanding that too.

And it’s even more sad when they settle down & look depressed/resigned/hopeless.

The biggest dogs are the most appealing & most sad.  Most people ‘need’ small dogs because of the HDB ruling so they just walk past these noble, patient husky & lab who were probably bought at exorbitant prices from breeders or pet shops…

Anyway–I walked dogs today. It’s incentive to get rich. I’ll be able to 1) take a couple of dogs home  2) help fund better shelter premises & facilities for surrendered dogs 3) hire mercenaries to smash knee caps & gouge eye balls on animal abusers & pet abandoners…

No, I haven’t done my practice or my puja for the day yet–starting to show huh…

I typed in the notes for the play idea I got during Clarence’s sermon on Sunday. Tentatively calling it ‘Burning Mama’s Memories On Mount Faber’ .


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