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Good Day. Good Lessons

Slept in late… home practice again. WoYoPracMo is getting me to do ‘less’ yoga in the sense of less ‘power’ Ashtanga & less than 2 hours a day… but also less stress, less rushing around & less injuries.

but more in that yes, I’ve been on the mat every day… and I think that’s good.

Problem is (this is nothing to do with yoga) not doing Ashtanga every day for just a week and already I can feel my body changing. I’m not heavier, at least not according to the scale (still at 56) but I’m definitely feeling chunkier

FCC was good this morning. Kept getting great ideas off Clarence’s sermon. I didn’t bring up my notebook & was reduced to scribbing on the inside of my emergency pill pack… but I got a great monologue-with-assorted-characters thingy. And on how Joseph in the Old Testament fulfilled the same role as Joseph in the New Testament… they were both the noble guys on the side who our history couldn’t have done without, who stood strong & true through difficulty… but who were not actually of the line through which Christ came (It was Joseph’s elder brother Judah who founded the House of David)

Downstairs of Century Tech Building, an old woman asked me for money. I gave her a couple of dollars but she wanted more. She wanted to go and visit her father, she said, and to buy some new shoes. What struck me was that though she was old (grizzled, wizened, bent over) and shabbily dressed, she was wearing bright pink nail polish, lipstick and shiny earrings. (Okay, fathers live a long time these days, so I shouldn’t doubt her. But I think her mind was replaying its schoolgirl track)

Much as I dislike make-up on women, on her it looked touching because it was so pathetic. I don’t know what she’s living on, or where, but she took the time to doll herself up before coming out to beg because… because she believes that’s how women are ‘supposed’ to look?

Yes, I gave her a little more. But more people arrived then and they held the lift for me, so I didn’t get to ask her where she lives/does she have family etc etc all the busybody questions that only come to mind when it’s too late. Went down later & looked around but she wasn’t in the vicinity.

There’s going to be a Lunar New Year dinner for the FCC people. I don’t know though… much as I like & want to support these people…

I like them, yes. Eating together after church service is fine. But getting together just to eat together… no.

Went for IRIS this afternoon. Some people I’ve grown very fond of in it. But I believe I got my sign that I should be leaving this group.


4 Responses

  1. You are very good, very filial child… will be blessed… with many many offspring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. great idea! wish i could do that too. unfortunately my ‘rents won’t let me escape the pretentious hello-goodbye show this time round..

  3. I know… & CNY is coming…

    I’m moving out to a hotel again this year. So I can honestly tell family/neighbours etc that I won’t be home, won’t be visiting without lying.

    Will just go pay respects to eldest uncle who had a stroke–from experience know that going early enough means one can get in & out without overlapping with any of the other relatives–

  4. finally someone as anti-social as me hehe 😛
    i could never comprehend why people like to meet and meet and meet…

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