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Best Laid Plans…

After late & long hours last night I was going to sleep in this morning… mysore is late today (not till 8am!) and anyway Saturdays are officially rest days in Mysore so–in fact I was thinking about giving myself the day off writing; Just some light reading–watch a dvd–ha!

I woke before 5am with a new beginning, a new ending & the ‘spine’ of my main character (for my 2nd short story) all clear in my head. Lay there thinking–no, I can write it down in the morning… no–my notebook is in the computer room (didn’t mean to work AT ALL remember?) no–even my reading glasses are in the comp room… no–I’ll remember all this & write it down in the morning… right? right?

Sure. No way I was getting back to sleep with the fear of losing it in my head. So I scribbled everything down on an old lecture pad (hey, I can see/write without glasses when desperate/lazy!) and then slept in till 8.30… no, I didn’t make it to class.

Yes. I think I made the right choice. I can do a home practice later–anyway, Yin is yoga too (lesson from WoYoPracMo!) but I will probably put in 90 minutes of Ashtanga later. After I get back from meeting Rosemary & the others at 2pm… I think I’m finally getting over the last bad spasm but we’ll see how my system handles this afternoon’s session. There’s minimum walking involved, but it’s not usually walking that triggers flare-ups. Fluctuation in food/temperature/air quality then next thing you know it’s a week of system cleansing…

Dear Mrs Goh went to market this morning and brought me some freshly made bean curd–I’m happy!


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