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Great Writing Day

Funny how it works out… I was just focusing on putting time in, getting words down and I found myself really getting into it–but have also been eating nuts at the computer (cashews, macadamias & peppermint tea pretty much kept me going all day).

In between did hip & back opening stretches & then an hour of Yin with the Paul Grilley DVD to counter the day of sitting. I’m really getting to appreciate Yin practice more–but I wrote about that on my yoga blog…

Discovered 2 ‘escapee’ fish fry in the filter beneath the tank… they’ve escaped my net so far. I’ll just keep giving them bits of food & bide my time… thinking of metaphors like God actually wanting to scoop us up into the great big beautiful tank in the sky with lots of plants & food & we just look at his net coming for us & run screaming away going “Death! Death!”

Okay. I’ve been on my own too much & it’s starting to show…

Anyway, have been walking okay today & I can see better too. Felt like a bit of a fraud when the kiddie from next door came round to play with the cats & ask whether I needed breakfast/lunch and put the laundry in the machine… but okay. Good karma to her!

And they sell ‘homemade’ tempeh in Cold Storage now! Well… made in Malaysia… but since broadcasting my delight (takes so little to make me happy, right?) I’m finding out everyone else around me has their own sources “I buy from Sheng Shiong,” “Market also got wat,” “Harbourfront there in the morning you go also can get,”

Well. I have my 4 3 little leaf wrapped packs (one just got sliced up fine and stir fried, seasoned with soy, garlic, ginger & tumeric, along with my home grown sprouts over noodles) in the fridge now. And I’m happy. It’s a good day!

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