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Yogic Writing

Okay… thinking about it, I had no reason to want to link to authorsblog…

I was driven by how well WoYoPracMo has been working for my yoga practice so far & looking for some way to do the same for my writing. But–it’s all a matter of accountability. With Yoga Practice Month, it’s not as though YogaMum is going to come round & haul me out of bed if I miss a day… but I do it because I want to feel that measured up to some goal I’ve set myself.

Whereas for my writing the goals have always been too hazy–even now as I think about it. ‘Write a 1000 words a day’ works until you come round to editing. And then what do I do about this great novel idea that suddenly hits me in the shower? Can I simply total up hours on the computer? What if I end up blog surfing & playing scrabulous, calling it ‘research’ & ‘vocabulary enhancement’? It’s happened before, believe me!

And I want to rewatch Driving Miss Daisy because I’m getting twinges from having household help again… but I’m having a bit of trouble with my left arm & shoulder now, as well as left leg & it’s really kinder to the cats to have regular litter clean up…

Going for doc appt at 10, which is why I’m surfing now.

Otherwise the new plan is: I do my yoga first thing in the morning, then my writing, then any ‘research’ or ‘vocab enhancement’ can come in. And I’ll post what I’ve done on this blog here–much as I’m posting my Yin practice even when I can’t do Ashtanga. Perhaps that’s the solution–instead of trying to repeat the yogablog method to solve my writing tangles, I should just Use the yogablog method.

The Writing Yogi’s Practice Mantra:

Write every day (10 minutes or more with correct breathing counts)

On Saturdays & Moon Days, do a lighter, more ‘Yin’ writing practice

Get on the mat (sit at the computer or take out the writing pad) even if I don’t feel like it

Be gentle with myself & listen to what my body/mind/emotions are trying to say

Being an ‘Ashtangi’ in writing as well as yoga, my daily writing practice when I am fit & well would probably have a 1000 word target

I should feel stretched & challenged but not strained or hurt by each day’s writing practice


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