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Dropped the Blue Hibiscus blogname–

Because I’m using a blue hibiscus (title & twist) in the story I’m writing now and I don’t want to end up resenting writing stuff here if things start getting clogged there. Which is probably going to happen as soon I get past the first ‘vomit’ draft… (no–not being negative. It’s just when everything comes out) Anyway, this is where I’ll anchor myself for now.

Still having some knee twinges, but I got a ‘good’ Yin practice in. Yoke Cheng came in to help out this morning & the girl next door will be coming over mornings & evenings next week. After that I should be back to walking normally.  Getting little mouth bleeders too, which makes eating a bit unpleasant. But it will pass, as all such things will pass…

Listened to very interesting & relevant Richard Freeman podcast: Obstacles to practice–sometimes being sick is not something that stops us from practice, it can be made part of our practice. He talked about how our bodies change & how we will age and how, ideally, our practice will change & adapt with our changes. That quite perfectly led me to the Paul Grilley ‘Spine’ sequence which I managed to really enjoy instead of being upset/angry/disappointed with myself for not being able to make it to mysore this morning. I think that my practice has really grown. Later I will do puja (meditation) before bed.

Put another thousand words into the Blue Hibiscus story. It’s taken another turn I didn’t expect, but I think it works.

And someone passed me the link to Neil Gaiman’s website this morning. Been saving it as something to look forward to all day…!


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