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Still Sore, Still Yin…

Glad I’ve discovered Yin… the knee is still swollen & has taken to locking up/giving way when I walk, so a regular Ashtanga practice was out of the question… though previously I would probably have tried! (I know–against first rule of ahimsa…)
But instead I put in my Yin dvd & did Paul Grilley’s infant practice and that was pretty good for my mind as well as for my body. He has you hold a pose for up to 5 minutes & says it takes the body for up to a minute to accept & go deeper into it, then you can adjust. It took my mind about that long to adjust each time, I was going ‘why does it feel like this? am I doing it right? why is it taking so long? i have to check the tv screen–‘ for the first minute & a half each time but eventually I did settle down into the postures. As he said, these were ‘simple’ postures that even beginners could achieve, but the challenge is in holding them and your body does really feel different afterwards. So–I learned something about my body and my mind today!

Will be meeting Yish at 3pm but will do a meditation & healing practice in the evening.

Have also got little lumps inside my mouth & throat & think I’ve started another gut bleeder… big nuisance. But just a nuisance. I don’t want to be distracted right now. I suspect it was the ‘reckless’ salad on Saturday… red cabbage, broccoli, daikon, carrots… right after the warning to not change me diet, not change me exercise patterns… but having recklessly indulged in a raw food fest & sent my body into spasms, there’s no way now I can help changing exercise patterns–just walking is difficult!

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