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Tired But Good…

After not taking a Thursday break, felt tired at the start of practice today–but felt great once I got into it. In fact, took my time & put in over 2 hours on the mat!

Later, in Toast there was a woman with a loud aggressive boss twang-lian voice regaling her table, her mobile phone & the rest of the cafe with the difficulties she was having with her contractor setting up her new shop/office space “Can you believe I am the one telling him what to do? And he is supposed to be the contractor mind you–not me!” plus how two of her staff wanted such fancy doors that they couldn’t find appropriate designs for them & drew the patterns themselves but sent them to the contractor too late, with the result that now they have NO doors to their offices… they have to enter/exit via the main corridor.

I suppose it could have been taken as comic/entertaining (yes it was, actually!) But I was enjoying my post yoga-shower positive bliss & that’s when I usually send good thoughts out to the rest of my day’s actions, to the people I know etc so it was hard being bombarded with all her complaints & ugliness… plus in addition to being loud, she had a very hard, unpleasant voice. I think I react much more strongly to how people sound than how they look.

In the end I abandoned my (barely touched) coffee & my (half eaten) wholemeal toast… afraid of absorbing too many bad vibes from her… instead of sending goodwill to the world I was already wishing her business bankrupt!

But with an apple, a banana & a pot of herbal tea inside me now I think I’ve returned to sanity…


3 Responses

  1. Thanks Kirsten & Spidermonkey… well, probably less caffeine is good for me! Glad to have found your blogsite, Kirsten–don’t know much about libraries except as a ‘user’ but I’m a keen user!

  2. How funny — just this morning there was a piece on NPR about how we perceive attractiveness through voice (especially pitch).

    Glad the yoga energy was there for you this morning.

  3. yeah… i’ve had those days like that. when retreat is the best way out. 🙂 Namaste. Nice blog, i really enjoy reading it.

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