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Thursday Practice

I was thinking of taking Thursday off but that was before WoYoPracMo came up… surprisingly, it wasn’t a struggle getting up this morning. In fact I was awake before the alarm, wondering whether something was wrong with the automatic water heater (no light) then realised it wasn’t 5.45 yet…

Good practice today. I did my ‘wall’ drop backs–crawl backs, rather–then Celeste helped me do 2 in the middle of the mat… but wrote about that on my yoga blog.

Dear Mrs Yap phoned. She was distressed about what she’d heard of how a couple of the girls had been treated in their church. Apparently it was on the FCC mailing list. I heard about it via the Sayoni people & told her not to be too upset on their account but she kept saying ‘why don’t they come to FCC, they won’t be treated like that!’ I guess FCC isn’t for everybody. Some still like a gilded finish on their whited sepulchres, whether you’re looking at the construction of a building or the intellect of a pastor. In the end I told dear Mrs Yap ‘see them as sheep and don’t worry so much’. She said, wouldn’t I come & help herd the sheep? ‘No. I’m a goat’.

Started writing ‘The Curse of the Blue Hibiscus’ (short story) in my 2008 folder. Would have done another session but abandoned it to go meet Jean (& get meds–I just collected my next 2 months supply of Topamax from Guardian in Vivo. $226++. Wonder if I can get cheaper generic stuff in Thailand! But along those lines I should really go ask if I can bring back anything for the AFA people–&whether that’s legal…) and we had a good long talk. But that’s all gathering material right? Anyway, it was a good session… the present, the past, what people expect, what we would do if we had energy/patience/drive… & I ate most of an enormous bag of chips she bought…

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