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Good Start to the Year!

It’s only the 2nd day of 2008, but so far I’m feeling really great about this year. Had a very good practice this morning (wrote about it on my yoga blog) and then on to NUH where I was told that my blood tests came back great–no change in medication which is the closest I get to ‘clean bill of health’! Prof Koh still can’t bring himself to say that practicing yoga is doing me good… but he did tell me that I’m doing better than most &, like Prof Ong did, said different things work for different people.

Last night I did spent a couple of hours in bed reading and that was good too–finished Jo Lee’s book, did a read through of Yoga Anatomy (focusing on what is within my reach though not my grasp…) and Time Magazine. One very interesting observation on Russia in the time of Catherine the Great that I thought frighteningly applicable to us here–what is described as ‘grassroots autocracy’; ‘voluntarily and enthusiastically carrying out the perceived will of the supreme leader’. Remember our supreme leader saying use of Singlish in media should be limited to dramas & sitcoms… & the midlevel pen pushers in mediacorp voluntarily & enthusiastically trying to nose out & wipe off all traces of Singlish from Under One Roof… that’s just one case & not even one I’m upset about. But it happened in Great Catherine’s Russia & happens here still.

Does this come from people working beyond their abilities? Automated carrying out of instructions just slightly too complicated to be correctly processed? Or from fear–safer to throw out all babies with the bathwater than be the one accused of not having cleared the bathwater…

Or were officials in old Russia bo-chap too?

One blessing: no one here faces police interrogation with a rawhide whip embedded with metal hooks. Thought I was going to have trouble sleeping after reading that but maybe the effect was countered by learning I am exactly the same height as Vladimir Putin.


2 Responses

  1. I know–got relatives who went back with intention of ‘building New China’ & ended up doing menial labour on farms–in one case dying before had any chance to do anything for the ‘New China’. While I do believe in doing away with inherited privilege… wouldn’t it have made sense to put all these academic scholars/engineers/doctors to work teaching/engineering/doctoring?

    But I dunno. I wasn’t there so will not say.

  2. Ok more chips for you.

    How about nearer and closer to home? The horror of the cultural revolution in china?

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