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Practice Day 1, Writing Day 1, 2008 Day 1

Practice Day 1, Writing Day 1, 2008 Day 1
I’ve just signed up for WoYoPracMo… which is World Yoga Practice Month… in January we’ll all be trying to do a daily yoga practice… & hopefully it will carry over to the rest of the year!

I’ve put up a link on the side to the site & my yoga blog entry over there…

I thought of doing a copy & paste but realise that everyone who wants to read yoga talk will probably be reading people writing about it way better over there anyway, so…

I’ve also started on this year’s writing projects–well, started as in symbolically transferred everything into my new 2008 folder. Won’t make a difference to the computer but it’s a fresh, clean & promising start for me.

This year, the big change in approach for my writing will be in input. On reflection I haven’t been giving myself enough time to ‘pick’, ‘chew’ ‘swallow’ & ‘digest’ my raw materials. Time was short last year & will probably continue to be short. But if I refuse to shortchange my body by putting it on a prepacked, high fat, low fibre, null nutrition, fastfood diet, how can I justify doing precisely that to my mind? So, no more.

Basically: podcasts for travel time. I will carve out time for my reading. I will delete my facebook dragon (aaargh) I will have no more than one scrabulous game going at a time. Ongoing reading: one fiction & one non-fiction book (for balance) & write up summaries/reviews so I have to think about what I’m reading. Alternate non-fiction with drama. I’ll try to read a poem a day–but average it out by the week. This too can be done via podcasts. Will it improve my writing? We’ll see. Like any change of diet it won’t show effects overnight, but not doing anything about it… unthinkable!

This morning’s practice was great although unorthodox. Celeste would definitely not approve, but I think knowing what is in my future is good for me. Anyway, at the very worst it’s part of the monkey see monkey do school of teaching, right? If I’m focused on what I’m doing in practice then there’s no way I can pick up stuff from the more advanced students (yes, there’s osmosis, but osmosis doesn’t differentiate the good from the bad–I just want to know what’s out there, not swallow it wholesale!)

The energy boost from early morning practice isn’t just psychological–I think it actually boosts the circulation & gets everything functioning better/brighter. Today everybody I met was grinning & saying ‘Happy New Year’, even the security guard & the maid downstairs cleaning someone’s car. Fruity & Chloe were doing speed racing around the swimming pool & looking totally adorable, just everything is great–and I tried an Intermediate Series dvd & I’m still alive!

Tomorrow, life goes back to ‘normal’. Mysore starts at 6.45. I will prob be in by 6.30 am because it’s doctor appointment day (again),

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