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New Year’s Eve

No, I really won’t be going out tonight. There’s new bedding in the worm bin, the cats have new cushions, there’s a fresh change of water in the fish tank & turtle tank & the plants are watered; the Christmas wreath & the little bits of decoration & cards have been cleared and my new desk diary & calendar are on my work table. I have candles and flowers ready and I am looking forward to a time of meditation & reflection to see out 2007 & welcome in 2008. Yes, I’ll think of all the dear people gathering at FCC tonight–also those at Dover Park & Sheraton Towers (& some who, like me, aren’t making it to any of those places!)–all people who make up so much of what I have to be grateful for in my life right now. Tomorrow (good intentions, anyway!) I want to start the morning with sun salutations at least, even if I don’t manage to get a full practice in… but if I do a full practice I’ll feel that I’m starting the new year on a good step!

SPCA this morning–I was wondering how many volunteers would show up, given it’s New Year’s Eve, but was pleasantly surprised to find lots of people there so all the doggies got their walks, everybody was happy. I walked a newbie–cutest little chihuahua that I was told was given up along with a pug… obviously not because of HDB rulings, so was someone just doing housecleaning & deciding to get rid of old dogs? They were about 2+ years old so could have been bought during 2006, ‘Year of the Dog’ and given up now that their novelty value has gone down.

Less pleasant animal encounter after that when I went to VivoC to get new cushions for Cesare & Charlie & saw the puppies on display… some seemed quite happy to interact, true–but there were some tiny ones that were just trembling heaps of fur and stupid stupid stupid people were rapping on the glass (right next to the sign that said not to knock on the glass) to get their attention… these retards were not toddlers who couldn’t read, mind you–there was one group of school aged girls who were going “eee so kewtch so kewtch!” and “eee–I wantch that wunne!” and squealing and shrieking and banging and then daring each other to pick up hamsters… and an older sample of the same species, one of her skinny white arms draped over her boyfriend, her boney ankles turning clumsily on obviously new shoes uncomfortable on disproportionately large feet (or maybe they just looked over large because her legs, like her arms, were unnaturally skinny–almost muscle free, you could see bone & tendons, I swear! Pathetic sight…) She had elaborately made up eyes and there was a makeup smudge on the boyfriend’s shoulder… because she was unable to stand upright but had to twine around him like a parasitic slug. She also didn’t seem able to close her mouth… I noticed because when she was looking at the dogs both she & the dogs had this vacant look–glazed eyes & loose jaw–and she kept whining for her boyfriend to get them a dog. He was stoic/silent/ “okay, but not yet” and she was like “but I want something to play with!” and making little whiney noises.

He: “wait until…(something something–I couldn’t hear)”

She: “But I want something to play with Now!” more whine, more pulling on his arm and leaning, rubbing against him… “I’m so bored!”

She was really terrifying. I hate to think of something like her with a puppy, with a child, with anything or anyone. I know it’s partly her voice that put me off but anyone who demands a living creature as a present because she’s bored???

I know what my idea of a monster is: it’s skinny, it’s female, it whines with a loud lian voice & it demands puppies to alleviate boredom!

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