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Last Practice of the Year

Last practice of the year & last church service of the year & both were very, very good.

I was expecting a bad practice actually–went to Jo & Yish’s talk at PPC on Sat afternoon and then went for dinner with some of the Sayoni girls. We ate at Lau Pa Sat which was noisy & smokey & then walked around till we found a quieter place to sit down & talk. Anyway having eaten meat & stayed out till 10 pm I wasn’t expecting much from myself–told myself to just focus on breathing & to my surprise I had a great practice! It felt good being in class. I was going to grab a takeaway coffee & drink it on the way to church but instead sat down in Coffee Bean with a muffin & talked to the Beaver & Chris & Donna turned up & we were talking about starting the New Year with a practice first thing–the studio won’t be open & I’d like to practice outdoors but can’t think of a place. Donna has tried poolside practice but isn’t a big fan of that… maybe just at home to bless the home & I have some tea lights & candles & plants… later Christine turned up & told the Beaver that urdhva d has more to do with being open to the universe than technique… anyway I was very late for service at FCC.

No ‘proper’ sermon today. Susan had ‘warned’ us we would all be sharing on how we had grown with/within FCC over the past year & many of the guys & Elsa-just-back-from-Nepal (lucky she spoke up or there would have been No female voice at all!) had prepared stuff. Some prepared to the extent of writing things down & passing them to friends to read out for them though they could not be present while others just spoke off the cuff. The common thread that ran through it, though, is that FCC is not perfect now, is not trying to be or appear ‘perfect’, but for very many of us it has provided the first experience of being loved for what we are rather than in spite of what we are. This is something most people take for granted from their homes & families & that’s possibly why so many of those speaking today spoke of their FCC experience as ‘coming home’ & of the people there as ‘family’. Even the differences of opinion as to how things should be run are good (it seems to me…) because it’s like members of a family all having their own opinions on whether you should paint the walls blue or green or put up a picture window, whether it’s worthwhile splurging on a fancy TV or new car… but you know the minute anyone or anything from the outside threatens this house, all these petty differences will be forgotten & the family will come together as one to defend it.

Rev Yap said he was reading Jo’s book but had not finished it yet. He was upset–distressed, I would say–by the way gay life & struggle was portrayed & said something like, how could the church people think anyone would choose to go through this. I couldn’t answer, not having read it all myself. All I could say was that what I had read seemed truthful & accurate & possibly less painful/sordid than many others have gone through. At least Jo is alive & together enough to write about his journey.

Met HuiYee at PPC & yes, I’ll probably be helping with the March gender programme… but it’s something that we could make interesting & relevant & right now March seems so far away…


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