Last Blood Test Of The Year!

This afternoon will be going for my last blood test of the year! Don’t expect the results till next week & don’t expect anything spectacular but even that is good… compared to what could be!

Didn’t do much at practice today… it was a very empty class… but stayed & talked to Celeste after about all we did over Christmas, will be doing over new year etc. She also said she wanted to start the year ‘pure’, like I wanted to start with an early practice… I’ve already turned down 2 new year’s eve invites & then one more came (sms over lunch) and each time you feel bad because these are people you might not see for another year (but guess that goes to show we’re not that close!) and she said ‘yes’ to one because there’s family involved but said she’s skipping out right after dinner to get to bed early… being countdown parties, most of them start at 9pm and people like us tend to be asleep by 9.30 so you can see how tricky it is!

I discovered when trying to update it that I must have deleted my visual bookcase on Facebook while housekeeping applications. Well, I get to start over with the new year I guess. I wanted to write up the new books I’ve received & been reading.. The Laughing Buddha Cab Company by Chris Mooney Singh (from Chris Mooney Singh) To Know Where I’m Coming From by Johann S Lee (from Johann Lee) and yes, it gives me a big, big, big thrill and a very special feeling to receive their writing out from their hands; reminds me of just why we all write and that the bottom line of it all is making a connection/communicating with a reader. I’m partway through both books and have just finished a re-read of h. murakami’s After Dark, one which I really love for the atmosphere & the spot on characters which give you the feeling of people I recognise without having met yet. I still don’t like the pull back & tie in, or rather lack of… but he would say that is because I’m not into jazz and can’t accept the flow & the mood as being sufficient. No, I can’t–yes. It is my non-jazz brain. Also my non-Americanophile brain.

But yes, I swallow the translation whole.

And I’ve been playing with all the bookmarks I’ve received. Didn’t realise how many people know I collect them… got quite a few beauties too… & Shane’s lovely papers are not going to become book wrappers or liners–I’m making a book marker set for myself!


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