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Great Christmas

Back home after a couple of days getaway to chill out after the Christmas excitement… poor sweet Susan called just before 9pm, “Where are you? I got flowers for you!” “Sorry! I left after everything went okay the third time…” (Not that I didn’t appreciate Gary’s message, but I already heard it twice that day…) “I’m coming to leave them at your house–give me your address!” “I’m not at home, Susan… please keep them for yourself–” “They’ll be there when you get back–I’ll find lots of water…” “I’m not coming back tonight.”

She and the others were still over there clearing up–and most of them had got in before I did in the morning. Then I really felt bad for skipping out early, but I doubt I would have been much use by then… was really really tired.

But all three shows went very well. I should say all three services went very well. I was impressed by how all these people, coming in to put in time after work, after studying, in between projects, managed to pull something like that together. And they worked together as a team too–or as a family, rather. Occasionally with minor differences but almost expecting and enjoying the differences like you do in families when certain members have certain preferences & idiosyncrasies that you would almost be disappointed if they did not demonstrate. And it was great watching Alvin work with them from the inside (what motivates your character now/what’s in the character’s history/relationship with others) as well as from the outside (how the physical balance of the stage is affected by where different people are standing/sitting/moving).

After the last Action Theatre experience I was pretty much resolved to never write for the stage again. That’s why I’ve been trying to find some form (novel/stories/drawing) that lets me communicate directly without having to rely on a director. But maybe–maybe it’s not so hopeless after all. But I still want to work away from the stage as well.

But it was good, yes. I saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a long time & I ‘met’ some people I’ve been talking to online for some time and finally got to meet up with in person. All of them have been coming to FCC on & off & came for the Christmas service I guess like you go home for a family reunion. It feels good to be part of a community again. Some of the Sayoni girls came by too and talked about the Christmas Eve party–sounds like they’re all getting seriously into booze games for fun these days/nights!

And Eileena brought Johann Lee who was very sweet & gave me a copy of his latest book!!! Guo Quan recognised him & was so earnest & awed–staring & going “Is that really–Is that him–Is that?” So I brought him over & introduced him and J was very charming. I thought I found him easy to talk to but now think he can put anyone at ease.

Missed yoga on Christmas morning as well as this morning… but I’ll start over again fresh–like tomorrow. I’m tired but everything is looking good.


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