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Tiring Sunday

No church service today.

Took my time over practice… I still can’t do Urdhva Muka Paschimottanasana but was slightly comforted by the fact that two of the more advanced students (well into intermediate series) didn’t get it today either. I know, I know, totally wrong attitude to take but I’m seeing it as encouragement… like see? I’m not the only one flubbing the move! And I know it’s not impossible–it’s within reach, just not yet. Had breakfast with Beaver in Coffee Bean & watched a woman get cross with the staff there for telling her they were out of the ‘Eggs Benedict’ set. “How could you be out of it so early? The place doesn’t even look so crowded! Shouldn’t you be prepared for the Christmas crowd?” She was a very made up, very dressed up, 30+ Chinese woman with long hair & loud American accent. After the counter took her order for ‘Scrambled Eggs’ set he asked her, “Will there be anything else?” and started another rant, “Why ask me if I want anything else when you’re out of Everything!” After she returned to her table I could hear her repeating her complaints–most of the cafe could–same phrases, same American accent, to the Caucasian man sharing her table. I was wondering: did she pick up the accent & the attitude from him? (In a way thinking it’s a compliment: I adopt what I see as your culture) Or did he pick her for her accent & attitude (You make me feel so at home). Or did she change after they got together & disappointed each other? (I somehow don’t think they’re ecstatically happy together–when you’re in a state of ecstasy you don’t get wrung up in knots so easily over Eggs Ben failing to materialise). I want so much to trace the path of their relationship–what led up to this & where it goes from here. How many children? How long more they stay together? He was not sharing her frustration or even her conversation which I suspect goaded her into increasing her volume to try to get a response. He just sat and looked blur… a middle aged or slightly past middle aged Caucasian man who might have had a good build once but now has a good sized belly.

Well–I enjoyed that. And I enjoyed my muesli parfait. And picked up some muffins to bring over to FCC. No service, but people were there to get the hall & downstairs ready for Christmas Day & run through the order of service. The show looks pretty good–first time I saw it with costume, lighting etc and I liked it.

Then Miak (bless the dear boy for living on the West Coast!) dropped me at Vivo because it was pouring with rain in the East even though it hadn’t yet hit us back here & we got fish for the cats (maid next door will see to them over Christmas) and dropped off book vouchers for nephews & nieces (cop out, I know–dropped with Dad Chan & in Dental Clinic mailbox… !)

So the ‘worst’ responsibilities of Christmas are over!

Yes Jean, I have two very little trees I’m trying to bring back to life–only because they looked so pathetic in the supermarket! But they are very very small–not like the 8 footer you wanted!

3 Responses

  1. Sure thing. keep in touch. and merry christmas! when’s your xmas show showing?


  2. Hi Again ChaoMug! Just traced you back to your blog & found you’re back in the region… too bad you’re not coming downstream for a bit–but sounds like you’re having a good break?
    Can I put you on the ‘blogroll’ thing if I figure out how??? (More to make it easier for myself than anything else…)

  3. Gosh you should hear some of the Singapore students in the U.S.. damn poseur , got ‘merican accent and better-than-you attitude and everything else cocky. ptui.

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