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2 mini pine trees & 2 guppies

Had a very active but not very productive (in terms of word count) day… morning practice (8am today) was surprisingly uncrowded for a Saturday–people must already have decamped for Christmas–but I had a good session; pushed myself harder than I normally would & tried padasana ala Gregor Maehle rather than my previous yank & pray method… & yes, much much better.

Discovered I have 4 3rd generation guppy fry, not 2 as I previously thought. Given how healthy & prolific this strain is, I’m leaving them to ‘nature’ & not providing birthing tank, brine shrimp etc. But they have lots of hiding spots now as the plants are doing better & I believe they feed on algae strands as well. But I was concerned about the inbreeding thing so took the excuse to go to Polyart (anyway the mailman didn’t bring my Yearbook today either…) to get females to diversify my guppy genes. It was great being back there after so long. The non-English-speaking uncle immediately assumed I was after more plants & called one of the undergrad kids over to talk to me but that was good because I got to ask about the kinds of lights & fans they carry (yes–moving towards setting up the second tank… this one with a plant focus). But yes, I got my 2 new females–gave them a couple of hours acclimatization time in extracted water & they seem to have adapted in the tank now. Yes, I know I should have quarantined longer but the fish at Polyart all looked healthy & these guys were so miserable in their bucket…

And the mini pine trees came from a row wilting along the Cold Storage fresh produce counter. It was partway between a pity purchase & a challenge & suddenly feeling I want some visible symbol of a childish/childlike (commercialized or not) Christmas spirit at home. It was ‘buy one get one free’ I think because it’s so late & the poor little firs needles are already drooping at their tips. So… 2 little firs, each just over a foot tall, in containers I immediately removed them from because even though their pots had drainage holes, they had been glued into plastic Christmas themed jackets that did not. So their soil was dry & crumbling but it was difficult/impossible to water them without pooling beneath. Luckily I had spare pots & peat moss leftover from the last worm re-homing.

It’s just been raining again. It’s a very magical atmosphere, with damp cool air and late practice tomorrow. The cats are fed, the fish tank water has been changed and all the plants watered. I could go out for dinner… but I don’t feel like it, having eaten a whole bagful of microwave popcorn (Jean, if you read this–your fault!) but even that was good (wholemeal popcorn, after all…)

And I’m down to 2 scrabulous games, both of which I’m losing. Is it easier to break the addiction because I’m not doing so well in my games, or am I scoring worse at my games because I’m putting less time in? Whichever it is, it’s not worth brooding time.

Adopting a new online pet was probably not the smartest or most mature act either but–I like penguins. And having one online beats moving to the Falklands or Antarctica!


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  1. You got yourself 2 christmas trees! ARgh. I want one too!

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