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Red Rock Deli Potato Chips…

Had a great practice today… finally I understand the ‘how’ of chakrasana with my body (I think… hope I don’t lose it but somehow don’t think I will…) Up till now I’ve been trying too hard to get my torso & legs over. But now with my ‘new’ (well, new to me though probably no one else!) technique, I do it like I’m doing a sirsasana in reverse–bring awareness to the head, neck, arms & back and then inhale myself over…

And yes, I managed to bind in supta k on my own. Didn’t behave so well there though… squealed “Celeste look!” & she laughed at me & said “stay there & savour it!” But she came & gave me a ‘medal’ for that & my chakrasanas.

I think I’m finally getting there…!

And I ‘got’ the story/structure/twist for ‘Second First Meeting’ in the shower after practice. Poor Beaver–I joined him in Toast for breakfast after practice (John, Carol staying on to do Yin) and he was showing me his new books & I was going “Wait–Wait–” so poor little boy had to sit & read while I scribbled… But yes, his books were interesting–on whether superstring theory has been a great waste of time & energy–peanut butter on wholemeal toast was good too!

It’s my second idea spark in the shower recently. Feels like I’m finally back in the ‘flow’. I think things come then because they stew in my head all night, practice is like a moving meditation and then in the hot shower everything comes to the surface ready for the new day.

My Yearbook didn’t arrive today even though I stayed home ‘just in case’. Did some aimless websurfing but also typed in my morning’s notes… & started a new scrabulous game after losing 2…

But things perked up after. Went to meet Jean-just-back-from-travels after fussing at her that I was not getting any work done. She gave me a metal thingy that twists into different shapes, mostly circular. It’s like a finger manipulation meditation thing, she says they used to be made of cane but these metal ones stand up to use better! She also brought back choc biscuits (Philippines) which I haven’t tried yet, microwave popcorn &–Red Rock Deli Lime & Black Pepper Potato Chips… almost all gone now… and a very very touching book. I want to read/think more about the book before I write about it but the chips are almost all gone. It’s been a very long time since I had chips. Feeling fat & happy now!


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