Sex & Cartoon Seals…

Was trying to write lesbian erotica… yes, thought it would be easy to turn out something light & entertaining & between 500 & 2000 words for ReadTheseLips but it didn’t work out that way.

Maybe because I missed practice to meet the replacement house cleaner who turned out to be scared of cats & I said (nicely of course) it’s okay if you don’t clean my house but not okay if you don’t like cats. The first thing she said on coming in was ‘can you lock the cat up?’ and she squealed every time Cesare moved… poor old blind deaf Cesare. I was NOT comfortable with leaving her alone with the cats. Charlie of course made the most of things, walking around her & teasing his boundaries, threatening to rub up against her… in the end Amahs On Wheels sent Yoke Cheng back. “I can’t iron ah!” She warned. Which is fine with me. She said everything’s been mixed up at the agency because with Christmas coming they’ve been getting requests for ‘spring cleanings’ and with the floods in Johore, some of the Malaysian staff have not been coming in. So–got thrown off a bit by that.

And my Writers’ & Artists Yearbook didn’t arrive even though Amazon said 18th Dec… (18th Dec US time???)

And I lost another Scrabulous game.

And I’ve been drawing cartoon seals… but also little roadside flowers which are really my new favourites. Haven’t been drawing for some time. I should find out what they’re called. Maybe go out with a camera & take snaps so I don’t have to crouch surrounded by traffic–human & diesel–trying to sketch.

And I typed in & worked on my Comforting Cold Crabs poem.

And–biggest reason of all–every time I try to write erotica it comes out comic. Imagine my big scene: our heroine thinks she is about to fulfill her dream of giving her young (well, not so young but anyway, 30 & inexperienced) love her first & life shattering romantic/erotic experience… only to discover young women whose sex expectations come straight out of anime porn can be very difficult to please…


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