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Only 4 active scrabulous games…

Only 4 scrabulous games going, which pretty good for me–I’ve been limiting myself by only allowing myself to check in when I’ve reached a target: number of words/ number of minutes/number of pages (when editing) and yes, I’m being totally trashed in 2 of the games but I think the addiction is finally fading… my dragon is growing though!

And I’ve bought myself a Sirotan… Sirotan? Yes, Sirotan, the little harp seal that plays dress up. I’ve got 2 actually–one in a turtle suit that comes off & one that’s dressed up as a strawberry & is a dingle dangle… got called a baby by Chris but a certain blue creature here means she’s can’t say nothing…

But can’t exactly call myself mature. Not today.

Things are good. Prof Koh gave me some positive feedback on the story. I’m just very glad I got it in on deadline so now I’ll wait & see. Thought of 2 comment ‘poems’ late last night, actually got up out of bed to scribble down the ideas. Angry pieces, yes, but better they come out of me this way than some other–

Hari forwarded the minutes of the Cafeteria meeting… which he did in verse–very clever very funny piece that managed to cover everything we covered in the meeting–wow! IMPRESSED.

Walked dogs this morning, met a lady & her daughter who came to look for a hamster but were falling in love with a beagle when I saw them…!

Now: Focus on the 2 stories for ReadTheseLips, try to draft ‘Degrees of Separation’ for Sandbox in February, write out my poem scribbles ‘properly’ & read them over in a couple of days, think about something for Cafeteria January (wait for theme) and start preparing book proposals for ‘Good Intentions’. And I should meet Jacke to discuss his latest writing–after Christmas, probably–yes, definitely things are coming together but though I felt like I just had to push through to get that story ‘done’, now it feels like there’s even more stuff coming through. Works the same way with practice. By the time you get comfortable/confident with a pose, compared to just being given it, you’ve forgotten how at an earlier stage you would have sworn you would be happy forever if you could only do an unassisted headstand, for example… but by the time you can, you’re only looking forward to coming out of headstand into a drop back and standing up… but that’s good I believe. As long as we keep looking forward instead of backwards we’ll keep moving forwards.

Listened to The Gospel of Mark by Jose Luis Borges today, the later translation where they are described as sweeping the breadcrumbs off the table rather than ‘stealing’ the breadcrumbs. Very powerful story. He was another blind writer who relied on other people passing by to come read to him. He was also fluent in several languages, and though he wrote in Spanish, could say it was not the most precise of languages to write in. Maybe–just maybe–being blind would not be the end of things. But I still don’t want to face it. Whether or not I’m strong enough to, devious enough to work my way around it, I don’t want to face it.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks Cliff!

  2. Borges is one of my heroes, someone who simply viewed and experienced the world in a different, unprecedented manner which, of course, is reflected in his writing. Good luck with the writing and stories, it’s perseverance that cares you further in the writing game than talent so hang in there…

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