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one nail buff

Great fun at dinner with Jin & Chris last night–we decided to have a quiet night of over-eating & moderate drinking on our own away from the kiddies’ high energy partying & drinking–but ended up looking over stuff in a toy shop so maybe we aren’t as mature as we’d like to think… sweet little seal that loves to play dress-up… must remember to ask J for it’s name…

But after dinner got ambushed by a pushcart twinkie-vendor “Just give me a minute” I thought it was a survey thing but she grabbed & buffed one of my nails,

Me: Wait! Wait! What? What–

She: It’s natural! It’s natural!

Now I’ve got one shiny fingernail. I asked her to undo it but apparently you have to wait for it to grow out, like nail polish. So I’m going to be going around looking like a bad manicure recovery case for about 10 days to a fortnight thanks to Ms JustAMinute. Mood: Want to stick something painful up rear end of VivoCity Pushcart nail buff idiot!

But apart from that I’m good…

Good practice this morning. Watching Phyllis attempting headstand made me realise what I’m doing wrong in my chakrasana attempts–I should do them like I do headstand–strengthen torso & abs & pull over. I’ve been trying too much with the legs & butt. After practice I found John in the corridor peering into the next studio, “someone doing scorpion in there!” And yes–incredibly well too! We stood, voyeuring through the narrow glass strip & VJ came & joined us but by then the guy had come out of it. He was just doing self practice apparently, because what was scheduled was hatha 2 (John went to look it up right away–we were speculating whether it was an inversions or backbending workshop) and no way that was being taught in hatha 2…

I’ve decided I’ll send in Big Dog by tonight, whether I consider it ready/finished or not!

And yes–I’m glad I went for yesterday’s Cafeteria meeting. It was good to listen to the readings & exchange feedback/impressions. I may even start writing poetry again!

*cute seal’s name is Sirotan*

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