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Hope All Round

Jason & deMarco performed here at last! I remember the last time they were anticipated–heard about the cancellation just before taking part in a panel discussion on sex on the Singapore stage & asked what we would ‘most like to see on the Singapore stage’ we talked the possibility of one day seeing committed Christian couples being allowed to sing onstage together… the (straight) moderator was blankly going “But you can already see that right? Why shouldn’t that be allowed?” but most of the audience seemed to get it–

So last night was definitely a big step forward. The last time I believe Dr Balaji Sadasivan, representing the government, said they were not allowed to perform in Singapore because their presence would promote a gay lifestyle which would be against public interest. At that time (2005?) They were already a monogamous couple, but if now they’ve been together for six and a half years that means in 2005 they would only have been together for four & a half years… maybe that was the problem. Or maybe times are changing.

In any case, Dr & Mrs Balaji being present at the Hope Concert last night was another great positive sign, as was his call for the Singapore community to follow the example of communities in Sydney for example which are actually managing to lower rates of HIV infection. I hope he persuades the government to do their part too–because if you look more closely, HIV is being fought most successfully in places where sex / transmission / protection can be discussed, explained & prepared for; not places where sex is not discussed because the public mask of morality demands you paint yourself white & virtuous. Where it is permitted to inform & educate people on their choices & msm safe sex practices. Which can only happen here when 377a goes.

Sorry. Rant just slipped out.

Anyway, I enjoyed the concert. I enjoyed watching Jason & deMarco, enjoyed watching the tremendously talented Hossan, enjoyed seeing Dr Yap get his award from Alex.

Peggy was a bit (well… 30 min) late as usual but she knew were Telok Ayer Performing Arts Centre was, so that made up for our wait. After the show abandoned her & Zoe to have their drinks because I wanted to go for practice this morning and–

Yes, it was totally totally worth it! I did drop backs on my own, finally! First two times I landed on the floor all right but then couldn’t get back up… then I actually did! And again! And again! So, 3 drop backs… not the most elegant practice ever, but it’s a beginning. And my first shot at rolling was pretty hopeless but I stuck my arms through again & did one more round & this time managed to rise up onto my palms on the final roll… even Celeste gave an approving nod… & I got a bind (assisted) in supta kurmasana. So yes, there’s hope for me here too. One small problem though; the small zits (2 now) on my forehead. In the changing room one of the others said it was due to my putting head down during bhujapidasana and Beaver said ‘everybody puts a towel on the ground before jumping into position!’ Everyone except me (!) Okay–now I know why!

But yes, things are looking good. And in the shower I thought of something to write for cafeteria tomorrow, more as a light piece than anything else. It was the title that grabbed me: ‘Degrees of Separation’ on how people work hard to send their children abroad for degrees that then separate the generations… getting so many ideas now and not dismissing them as I would have previously, partly because of a Dr Eric Maisel podcast I listened to yesterday–write like you scoop apricots at 40 cents a pound in a Paris open air market, he says, scoop up the bad with the good. If you search for only ‘good’ ones you’ll end up not writing anything at all because you’ll end up a perfectionist. So, I’ll start following these little spark ideas for a bit!

But this afternoon I’ll finish (I hope) Big Dog. I’ve already put a lotus root & peanuts (plus onions, garlic, ginger, soy, brown sugar) in the slow cooker… all I have to do later is add brown rice & mushrooms & miso & write till night…

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