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Actually if I think about it positively, the book of plays is already out of my hands– I’ve passed all the plays over to Dr Seet & Enoch & all that remains now is to wait– & write my stories…

And instead of just thinking of them as individual stories with deadlines, I can use the individual deadlines as motivators & tell myself I’m working on my collection of short stories (since I’ll still own copyright) when these three are done I’ll have the 4 in this batch plus some previously published in magazines, (but again I still have copyright). Looking at the ‘big picture’ this way makes it easier to work than if I keep focusing on getting ‘one more done’ which leaves me feeling ‘so what?’ after each ‘one more’ has been sent out.

And I will polish, tidy, neaten, edit & start sending out ‘Good Intentions’ & ‘Killing Mothers’… yes, I must stop stalling–I’ve got the bulk of the writing done, it’s just the finish thrust that needs to be seen through.

I am trying to read at least as much as I write, for the mental ‘nutrition’. Not just in the areas I write (which is almost dangerous because I start getting too influenced) but just to feed and balance my mind.

And I’ve finally followed my jumpy gut & mass emailed the SWGA people (now that Human Rights Day is over) to say I won’t be working with them any more. I like them–but I can only take people, however nice or well intentioned they are–in limited doses. And these people spend a lot of time bonding, trust-building, sharing & eating together which stirs up my inner demon into a rage.

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