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Plato & Charlie

Poor Charlie (cat). He’s been sleeping in my computer room and on the sofa and on the computer table and (as is his way) scrabbling stuff up to get a comfortable spot for himself. He’s an old cat, though young (only 15+) compared to Cesare and needs steps arranged for him to get up to where he wants to go… So getting in and out of my computer has been a bit of an operation–covering up papers etc & arranging chair in the right position…

Okay, digression: I’ve finally started downloading podcasts and I was listening to Plato’s Republic (Book IV–I think) on how the happiness of farmers & laborers as well as governors is secondary to the well being of the state. And I realised that it is more important for my writing process to flow smoothly so that I can zip on & off the computer & have all my notes in position than to have Chucky able to use my desk top as his 2nd/3rd/4th stretch out spa.

Yes, I did feel bad for a bit–he made sure of that. But he’s got his round red rug in the living room, right where the morning sun hits it & he’s got his cushioned cat bed by the bookshelves and he’s got the whole rest of the apartment so… and I think my workflow does go better.

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