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Fun Write?

Went to PageOne in VivoCity this morning in search of the handbook mentioned at the talk… instead ended up browsing & reading & looking at books & magazines & read about Amazon’s new Kindle that got me all excited… (okay, I also got all excited by book with incredible photography of jewel bugs–real live insects, close ups, swear they’re alive cos you get the slightest adjustments of posture–and a book by a writing ‘therapist’ dealing with ‘writer’s block’ and she was doing pretty much what I’ve been doing with the kids–asking question, getting them to think about what they’re really trying to say… stood reading another book on vegetarian monastery recipes & was very tempted to get it but decided real monks in monasteries probably cook with instinct & whatever they have on hand, and got excited too, talking to a woman about whether she should get abridged/unabridged English classics for her son to read…) so I get excited easily and I haven’t been walking around bookstores feeling this happy for a long time. One question I read: why are you doing what you’re doing? The ‘right’ answer would be, because you love it. And I am writing because I love writing, even when I am thrashing out the details time after time trying different POVs (yes, Big Dog has gone into Draft 4 because I decided I don’t need the male narrator, I’m coalescing him & his sister) and because it is fun–when I am actually writing and not worrying about am I writing ‘enough’ or am I writing ‘right’. Right now I am living the life I would have dreamed about growing up to live when I was a kid in school–if I had thought it was allowed to dream (I don’t think it was–good kids just studied… the only accepted ‘dream’ was 4 A’s on the path to the MBBS and even that was called a ‘goal’) But this is such a perfect life right now, I even ‘enjoy’ stressing myself towards higher or more diversified productivity.

Oh, and the gardener is going to be a grandfather tomorrow. He was walking around grinning and when I went outside he said “Tomorrow is a happy day for me,” How does he know it’s happening tomorrow? “They going to cut,” he said proudly, with a slashing gesture across his own belly. “Nothing wrong inside but doctor say better to cut, so cut,”

It’s going to be his first grandchild, his daughter’s first child and it’s going to be a boy.

A grandfather? With his dyed blond mohawk I thought he was probably way younger than I am. Of course he may still be way younger than I am… I am just way older than I feel…

Anybody has feedback on the Kindle? Apparently it’s book sized though slightly slimmer, you can resize text (I can read without glasses!) reduced back screen glare, you can download ebooks from Amazon & it’ll cost less than hardcovers & be on your screen sooner than paperbacks, you can subscribe to magazines…

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