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Good December

December has started–and the year is ending. In many ways this has been a great year, though looking only at the immediate I sometimes don’t see that… last year in December I was still on crutches & wearing a brace, having a lot more trouble with my eye sight (now stable) and now I’m walking without thinking about it and driving again… okay, it’s great.

But there’s still so much that’s within my control I haven’t been taking proper responsibility for–my time, my energy, my resources, chiefly. It’s easy/lazy to just continue putting time & effort into what I’ve already committed to without considering whether this is how they are best spent. Keeping busy is also a way of absolving responsibility. Yes, if I spend too much time wondering whether something is worth doing then nothing would get done, but I think assessing once a year is reasonable enough.

I was reading Dean Koontz (I know, why Dean Koontz? Because I just read a chapter of his next book–out Dec 27) saying among other things that 1) you can’t live off one book a year, especially when you’re starting out 2) he writes one page at a time, editing up to 20 or 30, even 40 to 50 times till he gets it right (50! Now I don’t feel so bad about 4 or 5 or in the case of Big Dog–6 reworkings of the opening!) 3) he also writes cross genre but started out under different pseudonyms because he was told people wanted to know what they would be getting when they picked up a book with his name on it. So it’s not just something we get here… it felt very encouraging reading that. If I wanted to be superstitious I would say that it was a message sent to me now. But not being superstitious (or having my own brand of superstition) I know that the Being in charge of the universe more or less leaves us to our own devices, because this is how we are learning how to manage our minds and as we do so we are cultivating our spirits/souls. Then again, I do think that messages come through from God. But the most powerful of all? The ‘Be Still’ one because it’s only when our minds are stilled that we can hear anything from the outside come through.

Was upset with Pure Yoga trying to get me to renew my membership now. It doesn’t expire till June 2008 but the counselor was talking about promotions & special offers only valid NOW etc. It felt like I was back in True Yoga! I want to stay with Celeste wherever she is teaching, but I don’t know about signing on for 2 years in advance if they’re going to start signing people up 6 months before their membership runs out!

6 Responses

  1. sorry swampland, while I appreciate your attempts at advice I really have no further response.

  2. yes, I know what you meant. I thought you have tried to overcome it.

    Perhaps you can try to outline your objectives. I guess there is nothing particularly less important in any activities. You just have to decide what you want the most and act on it.

  3. & thanks for your comment too swampland–but my concern is precisely whether the ‘just do it’ mentality is being lazy–for me, I mean–whether I am putting time & energy into the right places.

  4. thanks for your comment & good wishes, neoauteur–visited your site & enjoyed the photos very much. just learned how to operate the blogroll & (hope you don’t mind) put you on without permission…

  5. hahaha, you don’t have to accept any promotion they offer, when the time is right for you to renew, renew at that time. Do not forget to ask for discount when you decide to renew. They will try to give you a discount, don’t worry.

    I am sorry about what happened last year. It is good that things are better this year. Having said that, I guess every year has its struggle, otherwise life would not be that meaningful.

    Ah about your laziness, hmm… just do it, nothing to lose attitude/ mentality would help

  6. I’m glad to hear that your year has been fulfilling one. Hope to read more of your thoughts in the future.

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