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WordPress 2, Safari 3, Paragraphs all… not compatible

Anyone else having problems here?

Innocently upgraded to Safari 3 & found all my blog paragraph breaks vanishing. Being full of residual Methodist guilt I decided it was a sign from the heavens that I was spending too much time on the computer–in particular my blog–& went to do laundry/pay bills/cook a real dinner/clean the fishtank/clean my shoes… but when I came back my paragraphs still kept vanishing.

Now if it was my scrabulous games the heavens were wrecking I would take the hint–but my paragraph breaks?

What happened was–I typed my stuff in–put in paragraph breaks–viewed in ‘visual’ it looked fine–once I switched to either ‘preview’ or ‘code’ my paragraph breaks vanished.

But everything works fine in Firefox, so all is not lost.

Except maybe a little of my faith in WordPress or Safari… haven’t decided which yet.

Hope some god or geek solves the problem–I have so little faith left… open source software, one of the last bastions…


7 Responses

  1. Awesome, got a party going in here now!

    When I tried in the office it was with an old Safari running on old Mac, and it looked fine, that’s why I suggested rolling back the upgrade.

    I really do mean to lurk!

  2. Yes ChaoMu–Hey to you too!

  3. Yes–so far I’m okay in Firefox… hope it stays okay!!!

  4. Is it? A beta version I mean… ? (but all open source software is w-i-p right…) Thanks for the info/suggestion, Nae! I’m hearing it works okay on PCs though & WordPress is functioning fine–thus far–on Firefox so… fingers & toes all crossed but will leave it to some sweet geek to bugfix!

  5. You could just go back to Safari 2 if it works fine in there. 3 appears to be a beta version. ^^;

  6. wordpress is not very compatible with safari, which is why you get those problems but not when viewed with firefox, which is the recommended browser to view wordpress.

    as for me, i have css upgrade, and while it looks fine in firefox, it’s a mess in internet explorer! i’m not bothered though because i change themes every couple of months or so. 😉

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