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Holes In My Ears…

I have holes in my ears. I used to but didn’t know I still did. Today at lunch one of the ladies said “I also thought mine closed up so I just pushed through a earring and can!” So just to see how… I tried. It felt a bit like the first time-this is your virginity snapping thing. I could feel this thin film of skin between the earring spike and my finger pad on the other side and–no, to be honest it didn’t really hurt but the fear was painful, painful, painful!

You could say that’s one benefit I got from lunch… but lunch was definitely interesting. I didn’t manage the frock in the end. Actually put it on & thought No Way. I look like a girly 50 year old wannabe initiate of Ladies who Lunch nobody wears florals or frocks any more! So I went in a maroon floppy top and tights… and half, or more than half the women there were in floral frocks… But yes, I had a good time. So yes, I can code-switch, because these women are totally different from the ones I usually hang out with. But I found out about having babies in Japan (standard times for breastfeeding your newborns–you file into a room on a signal even if you are milk heavy & aching before and they even tell you when to switch from one breast to the other) and about deciding whether to keep your kids in the Singapore school system or pushing for SAS… and I learned that after the age of 50 it is easier to get men to wear cufflinks. This is an info nugget I MUST use somewhere!

‘Crows’ is not going to be read at the IHRD which is a good decision… originally I thought it was going in for Feb/March so when it got thrown in here it was a surprise. Still, glad I finished writing it.

I’m up to pg 7 for ‘Big Dog’ now. (Yes, made 4 Scrabulous moves… but) I’ve worked in Yusuf’s sister who was a tomboy then became religious in her teenage years and the difficult neighbour who first tries to appeal to him as a Malay, assuming he will be against the dog, then turns on him thinking he is seeing his Chinese neighbour as a girlfriend, then again tries to get him to be indignant, as a decent person should be, at the idea of his Chinese neighbour may herself have a girlfriend. Complicated, I know. But if I could put it simply in one paragraph I would not have to write 10 pages. There is also Yusuf’s mother, his sensible–working within the system–brother and his teacher sister who had an affair with the Chinese girl next door and is now trying to work out which is more important–her own happiness (not guaranteed) or the greater good (but according to who? Also not guaranteed).

Going for rehearsal now…


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