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Finished ‘Crows’

Yes! I have finished the ‘Crows’ rewrite & sent it Alvin. This is (hopefully) going to be performed by Loretta, directed by Alvin at the International Human Rights Day on 8 Dec… which I’ve just realised clashes with the LGBT Community Fair at Pelangi Pride Centre… well, guess I’m committed to IHRD. Pity about the timing though–

But yes, I’ve finished ‘Crows’. Only 4 pages but I think it will read well. Last night I sat in on read through/blocking of first act of ‘Nights Before’ & enjoyed watching Alvin work the cast. His ‘small’ suggestions actually make huge differences & he goes right down into character motivation/history as well as how the stage looks & how the balance feels. So it was great. I’m feeling good about this. I know all directors are different but (warning: rant ahead) how do you go from this to someone who can say “I needed to spice up your script, it was getting dull for the audience, they won’t get your meaning, so I simplified your lines and I made her a Peranakan Aunty because audiences always love to watch Peranakan Auntys…” The kindest response I can think of is “Go write your own script”
No, I don’t mind being edited/adapted/having directors work things around. But I really, really, really hate it when they insult the audience by dumbing down to them & when they use my writing to propagate stereotypes–the precise stereotypes that I’m doing my best to break down…

I could rant a lot more, but I want to save it for a really vicious slasher basher piece.

Because of being out late last night I didn’t make it to yoga at 6.30… didn’t get in till nearly 7.30 and was in BAD shape–didn’t even attempt drop backs today but did everything else & am gradually getting my rolling back. I had it, then after working my arms right through (Celeste: Up beyond your elbows!) I lost it again… & rather hopeless gave up on chakrasana, but Jacq waited for me after & we had breakfast at Coffee Bean, catching up on everything & I’ll probably will be having lunch with her at Goodwood on Thursday.

As the others keep telling me, any practice is a good practice.
A day that starts with practice is a good day.
Today is a good day.


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