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“Professor Thio Li-ann bravely wandering…”

Yes, I’m already late for my dogwalking duties but I made the mistake of skimming the Straits Times with my coffee (to send focused prayers to the grieving families & friends of dragonboat team members & be amazed/impressed/shocked/taken aback by what’s happening in Kuala Lumpur) and read this in YOUTHink, ‘Even the supposedly silent majority has been spoken for–with Professor Thio Li-ann bravely wandring into a minefield of passionate opinions.’

Bravely? What is she risking? One non-anonymous mail to her and she calls up the wrath of the Singapore Police Force.
That apparently didn’t upset people enough–they were laughing at her for claiming she never heard of Alfian Saat (which is possible–she is also quoted in the Straits Times as only knowing only 2 gay people, one unhappy the other ex-gay and neither in Singapore so presumably most of us just pass under her radar) so a second more threatening anonymous letter–conveniently double-posted to the press–surfaces… rumours on ground level said the second letter had to have come from her own ‘camp’, designed to drum up sympathy for her, that’s why it got sent to the press first and only later to her. I didn’t believe this at first… even her church aunties couldn’t stoop to this, (I thought)… but now people are calling her ‘brave’ in the press?

Okay, what I really want to know is:

Can anybody tell me, Is there any truth to the rumours that this publicly BRAVE Professor Thio Li-Ann who put her own name forward for NMP, has used her personal position in the Law Faculty of NUS to call down disciplinary action on law students who disagree with her 377A stand on their blogs?

I’ve heard they’ve been forbidden to discuss it under threat of further action–I’ve heard it from so many sources already I would really like to know. It’s not brave at all, is it? It sounds crazy… the empress has new clothes and if you don’t like them, off with your head!

This feels so playground-bully. Does the Lord use Litigation?

Don’t worry, I have no intention of pissing on anyone’s grave.
No, I don’t know whether she can threaten me with yet another defamation suit for asking this question.


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