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Short Sex Piece Done

Was out all weekend but attended one rehearsal & wrote & submitted one short piece (just a reflections write up the Women’s Nite sex discussion–but it reminds me I can actually write & finish pieces… now to remind myself I can finish pieces of over 200 words… then over 2000 words… then over 20 000 words…)

Weekends are exhausting. Tomorrow all I have to do is get to the SPCA by 8 am and my day will end as soon as rehearsals (starting at 7.30pm) are over…

… and already I have meetings almost every night of next week…

But maybe some time tomorrow, in between dashing around, I’ll get another 500 words of ‘Big Dog’ down. Right now I just need computer time. I’ve already got the outline. I already know what I want to write and who my characters are and how it’s going to feel… I’ve even got my ending-twist-beginning-tie-in… can I do it in just 3 drafts? If yes… it means that brooding it over in my head works as well as staring at the computer screen.

And yes, I will admit it, I’ve been playing scrabulous… even though it’s late & I’m tired… I know what it is now–the instant gratification. With writing you don’t get feedback for ages, if ever. Not even from yourself because it takes so long to finish even a short story that by the time you’ve finished one round of writing you’re impatient with yourself for not having written two or three other pieces. But with scrabulous, once you’ve entered your move the screen flashes & it’s in someone else’s hands–youre off the hook. At peace till it’s your move again…
just trying to surrender responsibility. I know there’s a religious lesson in there somewhere but I’m too tired to look it in the face now. Something about how having chosen to take on responsibility we can’t run away from it. But we should be able to hand it over to God. Total commitment to effort, total non-attachment to results. That’s really what I’m trying to practise but I came to it more through yoga.

Well, a new week is almost here–be strong. Grin if you can’t find the strength to smile. If you can’t grin just grimace–at least you get some muscles working!


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