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Kinokuniya Reading

Today was the reading at Kinokuniya. I went for mysore in the morning then picked up some salad from Aunty at Toast… (running late because of hanging around to talk about half marathons, tattoos & drop backs–Betty was griping about location of Patsy’s very nice lotus tattoo–you can only see it when she does deep forward bends) But salad had to be brought home & put in fridge before going to Kino for the NaNoWriMo reading… and I was late for that, not just because I decided to go by public transport & got a cab driver who missed the turning to the AYE because he was too busy talking… but because I started late since I thought I had time to just log on for a moment and make a couple of scrabulous moves…

But Rosemary & Sarah were there & handling things fine–I just read my exerpt. So sweet of Jean & Irene to show up! Plus someone I DIDN’T know said if I published the complete novel she would buy it–that’s very encouraging given she doesn’t know me & didn’t have to be nice!

Back home… & thought I had lots of time but logged onto facebook again… & yes, was late for the women’s nite meeting as well. That was very interesting though. Not so much for what I learned about sex (the topic for the night) but what I learned about how other women feel about/ see sex. Most striking was not what they said but the way they said it. A few were clearly embarrassed & kept laughing & making jokes & brushing off put-condom-on-dildo exercises with ‘I’ve done it so many times already I don’t have to,” and one was telling us “Sex should equal love–” but Hui Yee & Swee Jean running it were quite non-condemnatory–without imposing any ‘this is how you should think’ rules they got a good discussion going though at moments had to play school teacher. In my small group we had this discussion. A: I would never date a bisexual, would you? B: I have–I wouldn’t like to again. Me: Given the choice no… D: I’m bisexual.
So even here we’re having prejudices/preconceptions within our own circles.

But yes, I would have been on time for these 2 events had I not been playing scrabulous & I haven’t done any reading except for my reading out loud in the bookshop today.

But also I’ve decided: If I finish & submit 3 short stories (1 to Prof Koh, 2 to ReadTheseLips) and a synopsis & proposal of ‘Good Intentions’ by end of January I will go to ChangMai with the girls. Yes! I’m going to Thailand!


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