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Yes… Breastissues

All right… I’ve done something, a few things at least…

I’ve sent off the script of Breastissues to the nice nice people (please continue to be nice!) who were interested in doing a film… I know I’ve had BAD experiences with local non-documentary filmmakers previously, but this time 1) I asked if I could do the screenplay myself or at least get the chance to look it over & that doesn’t seem a problem 2) it doesn’t come with a tv star who wants to break into film & has to have script written around him 3) doesn’t come with tv star’s girlfriend who has to be written in too 4) doesn’t come with a director/screenwriter with previous tv sitcom experience who want to dumb down everything to tv sitcom singapore style (my strong repressed possibly dyke women got turned into wimpy simpering ah lian-ah poh bimbettes longing for ‘men’ & ‘holidays in Tuscany’–worst possible combination of recycled Desperate Housewives jokes–I liked DH, not knocking them. But I could id the episodes their writer pinched the set-ups from) sorry, that veered off into a rant… but yes, I’ve sent off a script, that frees me to play ONE scrabulous game… (& yes, I got a bingo with URINATION. I would have liked to score with something more elegant/refined but a bingo is a bingo and I’m happy)

And I’m meeting one of my ‘students’ this evening to discuss his writing, his direction, his ideas… again, just hope I don’t do any damage. He’s got ideas, he’s got energy, right now what these young writers need more than anything else it time spent putting stuff down on paper & learning to craft. In a way it’s easier for people in the physical arts I feel–because you actually see the stuff there in front of you when you are working and not. If you are a writer you get trapped/distracted/deluded into thinking that thinking or scrabulous or wiki-surfing is actually ‘work’ (well, sometimes it is!!!) and all this takes up time & finger power & eye energy that isn’t going into the crafting on paper/on screen, setting aside, analysing, re-crafting that we need to do to turn out something that we ourselves feel ready to put out there! Yes, talking to people about our work can help. But only when we get stuck. Too often I find I’m talking to kids about what they want to write & the next time I meet them & ask ‘how’s it going?’ they want to talk about something else. Have they finished that exciting idea they discussed the last time? No, they lost interest in it… it’s almost as though all the energy was used up in the discussion!
Okay. But setting up that meeting gives me my second Scrabulous Game okay…

And I’m doing a reading this Saturday, an exerpt from ‘Good Intentions’ that yes, I will dig up the manuscript for & submit for consideration. Yes, I am afraid of rejection but part of me is even more afraid it will be accepted and that I will hate how it looks. But won’t I hate it even more if, when my final moment on earth comes… and I’m about to swallow the last fatal pills… I think–that book really wasn’t so bad after all. I should have got a few rejections for it… and maybe a couple of bad reviews… so yes. I will do the reading on Saturday (there’s a party in the evening & another later in the night so I’ll have a chance to de-stress) and that gives me my THIRD Scrabulous Game!

My Christmas shows in prep are my Fourth–must go down & show support/do script tweaks this week or this weekend

And I’m waiting for the write-ups to come in on the Eusoff book–that will be in December… so 5 Scrabulous games!

I know I have 10 games logged on, but at least 5 players (more like 6) have been inactive for some days and I’m just waiting out the week or 10 days till the games are declared void though I nudge them once a day. So I’m doing pretty good.

Started reading Orhan Panuk. Yesterday read some poetry in bed instead of magazines–that was good. And I have a couple of Neil Gaimans unread so I have lots of mind-fodder!

I missed practice this morning but went for a long walk instead–90 minutes–in West Coast Park. Saw a seniors exercise class conducted in Mandarin to loud music, quite sweet really, grandchildren on the sidewalk joining in–and walked on the balance beams in the exercise space. My balance is very poor. There are more purple flowers in the park than any other colour–at a guess I would have picked yellow or white…

But yes–drop backs… almost there. I can get up with the wall as my security, running my hands down and up it. It’s like headstand. If I’m against the wall I can go up straight, without touching it, stay up for 25 breaths no problem. But away from the wall… different story. I’m afraid of landing on someone else. I’m afraid of landing on my squirt bottle. I’m afraid of cracking both my knee-caps… it’s not a muscle/balance/core strength thing. More like a head, thoughts won’t settle thing. I know–get back on the mat–“99% practice, 1 % theory”; “practice & all will be coming” maybe I’ll do a light practice this afternoon before meeting the student.

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