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blog attempt to break scrabulous addiction..

OR–It’s all because of Facebook–

I know this is pathetic… but in a desperate attempt to get back to writing words in sentences instead of to land on squares that get me 2X letter or better yet 3X word scores I am setting up:

1) a target of having at least as many works submitted/in production as I have scrabulous games going (9 right now) It doesn’t matter if stuff comes back rejected–same as losing a game, right? As long as I’ve done my best…

2) a blog where I have to record my daily writing/submissions/reading ‘nutrition’ so semi-public shame may goad me into

It’s going to take me some time to catch up to that 9… so I need to do some serious cutting down.

Once upon a time I thought I had self discipline–I mean I’m obsessive about lists and duty & used to finish everything on my plate until I got caught up with eating healthy & organic and mostly vegetarian except when it comes to a choice between upsetting the sweet old aunty who’s spent half a day preparing & cooking chicken for me–I’ll eat that chicken even as I feel guilt for enjoying the taste of a creature bred in terrible conditions & injected with all kinds of hormones that can’t be good for me either…

But okay, writing stuff I have ‘out’ at the moment–

1) Manuscript of collection of plays. A publisher (wonderful man, please let him & his business stay healthy & solvent till he gets my book out) says he’s interested, a forward is being written. I would like to see that & have another look at the final proofs but it’s out of my hands for now.

2) Christmas show in rehearsal. Again, out of my hands for now though I should go sit in on a couple of rehearsals to ‘tweak’ if I won’t be in their way…

3) & 4) my 2 mentees that I’m supervising–when they come back to me with things they’ve written I comment on it–and just hope I’m not doing them any great damage because how dare I comment on something when I can’t tell where it’s coming from? But I keep reminding them I’m only speaking as a reader–and the best thing they can do if they have any doubt at all is IGNORE what I say! (Of course, if my comments are any help they are welcome to them. Who knows–it may be through these earnest young writers that I leave a mark here somewhere…)

It doesn’t seem like so long ago that I was earnest, young & writing myself. So how did it become almost obsessively fun to log into Facebook & play scrabulous with strangers? I should be reading. I should be writing.

someone wants 1 short story- I have an outline & rough draft of ‘Big Dog, Small Lives’. I should sit down & WRITE it out.

someone wants 2 short stories–I have an idea for 2 seperate but linked stories–again I should sit down & WRITE the rough!

someone wants poems to set to music–I should look up and polish at least 5?

someone wants a reading in end November–I should pick out a passage & practice… & more importantly, look up the manuscript that it comes from so that I can submit it for consideration… I know I know I know we should get used to rejections. But I must get used to making the submissions that lead to rejections. I have an almost complete manuscript–that’s to say it’s got a beginning, an ending, action in the middle & roughly 75,000 words–but every time I look at it I think, this is not going to work & pick it apart again. I’m onto the 17th or 18th draft already, it’s getting ridiculously overwritten.

But all right–that’s the whole point of this blog… once I’ve written it down here it’ll be harder to go back on. If I manage to polish up all these ‘ought to write’ projects & submit them, I’ll be able to carry on with my scrabble games. There’s some room for cheating though–since some of my partners have been ‘inactive’ for some time–but I will stick to this contract I’ve committed to.

And yes–I’m still reading The Reluctant Fundamentalist. A good book, but taking me so long because I’m not spending enough time reading.

And yoga (because the body needs stretching as well as the mind) is going well too–just started drop backs today… a frightening experience going down backwards; lucky teacher was there & lucky that when in commando mode she’s more terrifying than any backbending sensation!

12 Responses

  1. thanks too, ivan–sorry, only just saw your comment but i do appreciate the encouragement!

  2. thanks swampy!

  3. Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back šŸ˜‰

  4. eh noticed your link from sayoni.
    well, all the best to you šŸ™‚

  5. oops sorry sorry! but how do i find your blog???

  6. Oh, LOL, no! When I say the forum, I mean the forum…. Ahaha. I don’t spend enough time on Scrabulous, apparently, for it to be foremost on my mind. šŸ˜‰

  7. Great and thanks again–will go look… you mean the scrabulous forum, I’m assuming… cos when I click on your name here nothing happens!

    (hope one day all these machinations will be painfully obvious to me!)

  8. Hee. I nearly posted the specifics (counted three clicks to get there) but decided not to! Yup, I’ve been blogging for ages… it’s linked off my posts in the forum now.

  9. Thanks–it’s a good suggestion… if I don’t take it up immediately it’s because I’m still figuring out the how-to’s!

    Are you blogging too?
    (I know there’s probably some simple way to find out but I’m afraid I don’t know it)

  10. I suppose Facebook is a good enough avenue — I just feel odd when blogs are semi-accessible, like they’re meant to be found but one still has to jump through several hoops to get there — but that’s newness for you. =) (For maximum exposure, you could add it into the website field in your FB profile.)

  11. Thanks so much for your feedback, Nae–(wow, my first comment! And I actually figured out how to ‘approve’ it… you press ‘moderate bulk comments’ even though this seems wrong when you have a single comment…)–and for your good wishes too. Yes, got down to more writing but also scored a bingo at scrabulous… think that’s called backsliding!

    I don’t know about publicising it though–don’t know how to go about doing it–I assume you mean online rather than spamming all my poor friends?

  12. Will you be publicising your blog? ‘Cause I randomly found my way here from FB and it is possible. Hmm. *looks around* Well, hope the shame tactic has some effect, and good luck with things!

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